Sunday, 24 July 2011

The little girl and the Monster

A little girl is crying.

She's terrified.

She can't be left in her bedroom on her own. Well, she refuses too.

There's a monster under her bed. She's never seen it, but she doesn't have to. She knows it's there. She heard a noise one night, a slight creaking, a noise that shouldn't be there, shouldn't have happened. But it was. She heard it.

Immediately, she ran into her parents bedroom. She'd never ran so fast in her life.

"Daddy! Daddy! There's a monster under my bed! I heard it, it was sneaking around under there, it's going to get me, I heard it, I heard it!"

Now dad knows better. Monsters probably aren't real. But, he does what dads do, and goes to investigate.

I'm sure you can guess what happens, right? He looks under the bed and gets eaten by a HUGE monster.

I kid, there's nothing there. Just the bed creaking a little.

He goes to get his little girl to show her, but she doesn't want to come. She KNOWS there is a monster under there, and doesn't BELIEVE her dad. "Daddy, I heard it. I KNOW there is a monster under my bed, I don't need to look!"

This goes on for a while. She refuses to sleep in her bedroom. Who would? There's a monster under her bed for crying out loud!

It's kinda sad really, she lives in constant fear of a monster that doesn't exist, when all it would take is 2 seconds to actually look.

It's really that simple. No belief, just looking.

No discussions, no counselling, no 'be brave honey'. Just look. This isn't about believing there isn't a monster, there actually isn't one, so why believe there isn't? Just look.

Unfortunately, the issue causes a lot of friction between the little girl and her father. "You're a liar daddy! Why do you think there isn't a monster? I heard one, I don't need to look, I KNOW there is one!"

The little girl grows up. She's fallen out with her father by now, they hardly speak. She's delusional, and he's a liar. She's angry at him for lying to her for her whole childhood. "Why would he say i'm a liar? I KNOW there's something under my bed!"

One day she's sitting on the bed with her friends, trying on make-up and jewellery, and accidentally drops an earring that rolls under the bed. She doesn't even think, and bends to retrieve it.

She gets a sudden jolt of fear, she remembers. But it's too late, she's looking. At nothing.


In real life.


Daddy was right all along, there is no monster. He was telling the truth.


She runs downstairs to apologise to the man who has tried to convince her to just look. To say sorry for the years of friction between them. The belief daddy was crazy to believe there wasn't a monster when she heard one and KNEW there was one.

But it's too late, daddy's dead.

But he's left a note. It reads "One day, my beautiful angel, you will look under your bed and realise the fear that gripped you you're whole childhood, was nothing more than a belief. You will see the belief in the monster was a lie. You were clinging to a belief you held true in spite of the facts. The evidence.

I'm sorry I can't be there to share this freedom with you, but i'm glad you opened your eyes and saw the truth for what it was, a phantom.

Take this is a metaphor for your entire life, my beautiful angel. This isn't about denying beliefs, it's about holding everything up to the light of Truth. Whatever is a lie, will burn away, and all that will be left is the Truth.

'Nothin' good, ever dies.'

I'm glad you're free.

Daddy x"

Tick tick people. Tick tock...

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