Saturday, 30 July 2011

The problem with the Enlightened of yesteryear.

07-14-2011, 05:39 PM it all began. I started a thread titled 'Enlightenment'. Here's the link:

As of 17:29 on the 30/07/2011 the forum thread has had 16,288 views and 1,773 posts. Roughly, around 30 active participants and i'd wager more just viewing. That's a lot of people.

My initial intention when starting this thread, was to bring the Truth into an arena that, i'd perhaps naively assumed, wanted it.

I was very direct. All killer, no filler as it were. The general mood of the thread, the reaction, was a little hostile. Debate, rather than a following of instruction. I wasn't completely naive, people aren't lap dogs willing to follow every instruction laid out by anyone, let alone a newbie barging in onto 'their turf'. But I expected someone to go with it.

Not so.

I began laying Truth down, it was picked apart. Apparently I was clinging to a rigid belief structure. Apparently Ruthless Truth is a cult. I kept pointing to the Truth, no belief necessary, just look.


I'm going to keep this brief as this part isn't the point of the blog post. Essentially, so far, I believe two 'successes' have come of it. One is yet to be confirmed, but for the sake of this post, and my view, two successes.


Almost 17,000 views, and 2 people awake. Not a great return, but also not bad. Alas, two more people that see the 'self' as an illusion.

A guy called 'Topology' mailed me a PM, and I think he's realised a great, yet obvious discovery. Here's the link to the PM:

Please read this before you continue reading here.

Now, the great thing about the Truth is that it needs no defence. It stands alone and cannot be added to or taken away. There is no belief necessary. It is what it is.

To get to the Truth of anything, look deeply into it with unnerving gaze.  Assume it is true. Take it as true, and the Truth will reveal itself.

I've been looking at this message, because I wanted to get into it, try it on for size, and see if there's anything real going on there. I believe there is insight into liberation to be gained, and I wanted to share.

Now, Eckhart Tolle has been enlightened for over 30 years, and as far as i'm aware, he has liberated precisely 0 people.

Not one.

Before you jump on that, and accuse me of rubbishing the guy, I want to state i'm not. I actually agree with Tolle. I like Tolle. Truth is what it is, and he has clearly seen what's real. He has incredible insights and I disagree with precisely none of his work.

But he isn't waking people up.

The bottom line, after all is said and done, is the undeniable fact that after 30 years of teaching, no one is waking up.

The realisation hit me then.

The Truth is out there. It's everywhere. It couldn't not be. It just is, right?

It's the basis of major religions. There are so many quotes that point to Truth, yet people aren't waking up. Not in the numbers one would expect for such an obvious, well, thing.

The problem is, that once awake, I think teachers seem to forget one obvious thing:

The people they're teaching to aren't.

That is a startlingly obvious point, but quotes like "I have seen everything that is done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind." are true. That is in fact, what is going on. But it won't help anyone that isn't already awake.

There's the rub.

That's why I think 'Topology'  feedback is so profound. It's feedback as to why my approach isn't working. In fact, although 2 people waking up seems like an ok number, it is in fact, around a 98% failure on the whole.

Can you see my (and his) point?

We are working with people that aren't being logical because they are still trapped in the delusion, so it's our job as liberators to see how we can custom build an effective, efficient sign for them, pointing of course to the same destination. It's not one size fits all.

This point by 'Topology' is money:

"May I make a couple observations? I think you'll agree with this first one: 1) Talking about looking is not looking. 2) Telling other people to look is talking about looking. 3) When you tell another person to do something, you are placing yourself in control and commanding their will. 4) People resist the appearance of not being in control. 5) People resist looking when they are told to look.

The RT forums work (for the non-trolls and the stubborn) because people have come TO the RT forum, so it is in their will to give up their will to someone else in order to receive guidance.

You have come here to assert your will over others, and the community on this forum is for the most part defensive in your perspective because people are fending off your will in order to preserve their own. If anybody is going to look, they must do it willingly."

There will always be people that are willing to fight you, but the point of this post is basically to illustrate effectiveness and versatility.

You guys do a great job anyway, and RT has had a great year, but look at things from the 'student's' view, and see what you need to do to get them to see.

Ruthless Truth was very hostile in the early days, all fire and fury. It worked on some, but generally the percentages were down. It's got a bad reputation on the forums, when really, it's waking people up consistently.

You'd think a movement with over 170 liberations in one year alone would be bigger than any religion in the world, but it isn't, yet. People should love RT, it works. Millions of people waste time every year on religions that don't wake them up one iota.

This is a rough insight, i'm throwing it out there and hoping for some feedback. I wanted to share and hopefully we can all become better at waking people up.


  1. 1) You disagree with none of Eckhart Tolle's work?

    Have you actually tried testing any of his claims in reference to direct experience? I picked up "The Power of Now" a couple of days ago, and found I couldn't even read it because it was so full of assumptions and assertions that I've already seen to be false for myself.

    2) "
    The problem is, that once awake, I think teachers seem to forget one obvious thing:

    The people they're teaching to aren't."

    Yes. I think this is the explanation for why all the other teachers so far have failed.

    But Topology's "insight" is embarrassingly shallow in light of Demon Theory. If you want to map the behaviour patterns that manifest in response to no-self discourse, and find ways of triggering the ones that lead to looking while bypassing the rest, you need a level of depth and clinical precision far, far beyond "people resist the appearance of not being in control".

  2. I'm just trying to get a grip on why so many people run. Like I said, that is a huge thread and the conversion rate is very low despite the general consesus that i'm doing well in the forum.

    Maybe it's an insight that will help ME become better at this, but I wanted to throw it out there in case it helped anyone else.

    It's an obvious point, but at the same time valid. Before RT, people just weren't waking up with any real efficiency.

    Thanks for the feedback though

  3. That being said, I'm not saying what we do so far is crap. Far from it. But let's look at how we could be better.

    People will always run, we're often smashing their train of thought, and some just will leave.

    But the point of this post, was to become as efficient as possible in what we do. The way i've done it in the forum has had a low success rate, so i'm going to look into this and see what needs to be done to be the best I can be at popping people.

  4. Hi Rikki,
    I am a newbie to RT so the experience of coming to it is still fresh. I came and stayed in spite of the angry and sometimes offensive tone, because it was clear you had something. You can cover truth with sugar or shit but it is still truth.
    I appreciate my own feet being held to the fire till I could see through the illusion of self (thanks, Kevin!)but did it mostly behind the scenes through his blog before going on RT to get confirmed (thanks, everyone.)
    Have been pointing many friends to the blogs of our 'softer' members as the gate to Ruthless Truth, rather than dropping them into the middle of an internet culture they may not understand, and that does not seem welcoming. Just started a blog with a couple of old friends and the working title was Enlightened Geezers (still available, guys!) So am advocating for different flavours for different entry points into the process. I want everyone I love to get this if they can.

  5. Yeah, it's important to hit this from as many angles as we can, and some of the ladies are doing great work with huge success with a softer approach.

    It's great there's a certain diversity in how we all lead to the same gate.

    Right now, i'm involved in a huge forum thread (link at top of page, feel free to join in) but it's clear they just don't like my delivery. A couple of them seem to have seen this, and the others are like 'nooo, don't 'believe' him', like this is a Me v Them kind of deal.