Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Where you begin, and 'you' end..

I'm going to keep this clean.

All I can ever do is tell you where to look. This is not a belief system.
There is no fee. No levels, no shaven heads, no robes, and no chanting.

You may even have sex.

I am but a pointer to the Moon. There is one Moon and a thousand sages pointing the way. Every way a little different, it seems.

My message is not new, i'm not re-inventing the wheel here. The Truth can be found in almost all the religions in history as we are all pointing to the same fundamental Truth.

Unfortunately, that Truth has been largely covered up in ritual, belief, stories, behaviour, and code of conduct. There is only one Truth, but most importantly I don't believe that. I KNOW that, because I have LOOKED, and SEEN.

The difference between SEEING and BELIEVING is infinite. All words can ever do is point, and show you where to look, so please don't pick on my use of language. I don't want you to believe me, all I want you to do is to take what I say and test it out.

If you SEE (not believe) what i'm talking about, you'll crack the illusion of self and BAM, welcome to enlightenment.

I know, I know....It shouldn't be that easy, right? This takes work, years of learning, meditation, retreats, beliefs, doing the 'right' thing, shaving your head, a vow of silence, a vow of celibacy, wearing robes, levels, money, work, learn, work, learn, believe.


He may be a very kind, warm hearted man, but the Dalai Lama himself is not enlightened. It's well documented that he has never claimed to be enlightened. Now here is a man that has spent his entire life in deep study of ancient Buddhist texts. His day, his clothes, his very life is structured in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism.

So why isn't he awake? Why doesn't anybody stop for just a second to really question why the leader of the religion that teachings enlightenment, isn't?

Surely the bottom line is results. Would you take driving lessons from an instructor that couldn't drive?

How many people do you know that are actually enlightened? Liberated from the delusion of self?


Let's cut to it....Is there a 'self'?

A 'you' that you can undeniably say 'this is me'?

Now, i'm not suggesting a self doesn't exist. I'm questioning it's reality. Is it true?  I'm asking you firstly to locate it, then look at whether it really is you, or is a collection of thoughts that have fused to create an illusionary personality.

A 'you'.

The first step is to find this 'self'. The 'self' that you believe to be 'you'. Can you?

If should be easy to locate because it's, well, you, right? Shouldn't it be the easiest thing to find?

If so far, i've infuriated your rigid belief system, all you really need to do to dispel this 'theory', is find the 'self' you believe yourself to be, hold it up to the light of Truth, and this whole piece becomes obsolete. Tomorrows chip wrapper.

So tell me, dear reader, if there is a 'you', can you find it?

If what I speak is complete baloney, comment back, it'll make me look quite the fool.

All I ask is that you follow my instruction before judging what I ask of you.

I'll give you a second.....

That should do it.

So if you found 'yourself', how do you know 100% that it's you? What's true?

The crux..

Now, i'm proposing this 'self' isn't who you actually are. It's an illusion. A fictitious entity that has masqueraded in the void because you, nor anyone else, ever thought to look and question its apparent authenticity.

Well, i'm telling you to look right now. Look with the focus of a laser beam on the very notion that who 'you' believe yourself to be, is one big lie.

Get going...

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