Monday, 1 August 2011

The problem with acceptance

The 'spiritual' school of thought seems to be to accept everything as it is, as that was the way the universe decided it.

That then begs the question; if someone was standing next to you, punching you in the face, do you stand there and take it just because the universe decided it so?

I've literally seen people 'OK' with the suffering of the world, kids starving, wars, whole countries suffering under some tyrant, all because 'the universe decided it so'.

Are you fucking kidding me?


Watch the news everyday, the consequence of delusion screams from the rooftops.

Sometimes literally.

If the world had been 'spiritual' during Hitler's rampage, if we'd have accepted 'this is what is', then untold more suffering would have been inflicted upon millions more people.

Get a grip.

Look at what's real, what's really going on here. Saying 'I won't take action, the universe decides, and this isn't my time' is just another attachment to a phantom belief controlled by a universal puppet master that doesn't exist.

If he does, where is this guy? I'd like to meet him.
The problem with acceptance is that it seems to kill any desire to take the bull by the horns and figure anything out yourself. It's just another rule to live by, but it masquerades under some illusion of nobility.

"This is karmic, the universe decided I need to suffer in order to blah blah blah..."

Why so? Where's this universal rulebook that says, well, anything?

Let's look at this, something is a belief until there is undeniable proof. Then you could say no belief is necessary, as it stands alone as true. So where is the proof everything needs to be accepted just as it is?

Would Hitler have stopped if the whole world 'accepted what is' and let him get on with it?

Maybe the universe will save you seconds before the SS stuff you naked in a shower room with 200 other 'accepters' and gas the fuck out of you.

Evidently not.

Truth needs no belief. No belief is true.

'Trusting the universe to decide' is just attachment to a thought that arose in the space and was taken as true. It was never looked at, and seen for what it is. But unless you're liberated from this delusion, this can be said for all thoughts.

What's really real, is the fact that planet Earth could explode into a trillion pieces, and the universe wouldn't shed a single tear.

Attachment to belief is the real issue here. People decide the universe is in control and any action you take 'against it' is futile. These are the people you may punch repeatedly in the face.

Beliefs are what cause people to act in ways they do. 'I'm right, you're wrong'. Attachment. 'The universe decides' is just another belief. A belief that goes under the 'spiritual' section and makes the believer feel either superior, or fucking lazy to do anything about it.

Let's wake the fuck up and see what's real around here.

It may frighten your intellectual comfort, but there is no god, there is no saviour from the heavens, and the universal puppet master you hold so dear, is just another attachment to a phantom belief that's slowly killing the world.

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