Monday, 19 September 2011

The birth of a new liberation platform..

Ok everyone, get yourself over to the new liberation engine Liberation Nation.  It's an exciting new website with some great liberators that work very diligently to help you see the reality of no self.

We welcome anyone that brings real honesty and willingness to look at this with open eyes.

What isn't welcome however, are people that come to hate, and troll, and generally waste the time of people that ARE willing to look. You will quickly be removed from the site, and banished to the 19th realm. Never to be seen or heard from again..

I think between the liberators, we have something like 50 liberations under our belt, and we become more efficient everyday. Everything is completely free. The time and enthusiasm of the liberators is incredible.

We have a blogroll so you can take a look round those, read some posts, and liberation transcripts. They really help, and have even been known to liberate people by just reading them! (although looking is required on your part)

So yeah, come on down. Join the revolution.
To clarify...

Liberation Nation

Tell 'em Rikki sent ya..

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