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The Liberation of Michelle...



it's me again.........let me explain where i'm at, ure colleagues at ruthless truths weren't much help...cept for teaching me how sensative i am about being swore at i've read eckhart tolle and he's my god, but, did u know the guy didn't become enlightened by following any of the advice he wrote about in his book...his was spontaneous after a particularly bad bout of depression, he went to bed thinking about suicide and woke up enlightened, scandalous hey. so anyway like i said i love eckhart he has taught me a lot....i don't understand the 'there is no me' stuff with my head....i know it, i've experienced it but i keep pinging back to me and suffering....should liberation be a permanent thing?.....i can go there to that place where there is no me instantly, it feels wonderful ego, no worries.....but i can't stay there as soon as i have to go to work all the old feelings come rushing back and it's not so easy to believe it's not all happening to a me.....i love the stuff ure writing in the forum and can totally relate and it's quite alarming to see all those ppl reacting the way they are....i've tried to explain to ppl how to end their suffering by listening the their breath to stop the mindless chatter from occuring but all they want to do is integrate their guilt, shame etc etc and not switch off thought and realise that there is literally that's where i am..can u help me?




Hi Michelle,

Very happy to be working with you. You're coming to me open and looking for help rather than attacking my message. Hats off to you.

Eckhart Tolle woke up with this recognition "I thought 'I can't live with myself anymore' I and myself. Is there one or two? If I am I, then who is this self I cannot live with?"

That was why he woke up. Because he saw the phantom self and it immediately dissolved. That is all that is required to get this. You must see this false self that operates very subtly in the background. Not believe that it's there, but SEE it. That is essential.

Once you've seen this, you can't believe in it anymore. How can you believe in Santa once you've seen it's your dad? There's no going back. I used to read Eckhart a lot and would experience what you describe. But that isn't it. I remember reading a Zen story where a student studied for years, (I can't remember how he became liberated, but...) after he awoken, took all his books on Zen and Buddhism, and burnt them.

It's one simple Truth that can be found in almost every religion. I'm not selling a new product here, just a distillation and simplification of the ACTUAL one. It's a relief for you to come with me with an open attitude, the forum hostility sucks. I get mad because I can see the delusion in action, I know how close they are to freedom, and I want to wake everyone up from this lie.

Do you have any proof of self?

Can you look inside and say 'this is me'?


i agree there is no me...........


You agree intellectually? Or you have seen this to be true?

This is key. I dont want you to believe me, I want you to KNOW this is true because you have SEEN the illusion.


i know this to be true cus when i watch tv or am absorbed in something or just sitting and noticing i know there is no seperate me.....i'm not sure wot u mean by the illusion, but when i'm doing the above i feel like i'm part of the all not seperate from that wot u mean?



I'm talking about an illusionary self that you believe to be you. What I'm asking you to do is to locate this false self to see it for what it really is.

Is there a 'you'?

Is there a self you must defend?


i agree with you there is no me...i can't find a me....


What are you seeing? Can you sense the space, the void where a 'self' used to reside?

Tell me more about this, what's going on, describe it in detail to me...


this is where i fail...cus i'm not good at using words/language and describing stuff like u and the others lets give it a go...

ah the void yes, that's a good word to use, for the sake of's very hard to explain.....i can see my forearms and hands, fingers hitting the keys but all other bits of me have gone there's nothing else left here but air and the thoughts i'm thinking while i'm typing this......just thoughts and fingers typing and empty's a good feeling....i spose it's the feeling that i am not all the mindless babble that goes on in my head that makes it feel so good, that all that just happens and it doesn't matter cus it's not me...but the calmness that comes when i realise there is no me is very this the sort of description ure looking for?


Wow, that's a great description and it sounds like you've cracked this.

The way you say language fails you is a great sign to me because there really is no explanation for 'it'.

All we can do is point to it and let others experience for themselves.

Go deeper into this yourself, keep focusing on the void. Where a 'you' used to be.

And if you would be so kind, do a little write up for my forum thread. A little credibility would be a great help. In going to post later but the support would be awesome.

 Let me know what you're experiencing in a couple of days...


ok so i've being doing wot i just described for about a year..........where do i go from here or is that it?


Liberation is a very subtle shift. You mentioned realising that no self exists, yet in previous posts you've asked if liberation is a permanent 'thing'.

If you've truly recognised no self exists, then you cannot fall back under it's illusion because you've seen it's a lie and isnt 'you'.

When you mentioned breathing exercises etc, thats a method for relaxation and slowing things down mentally.

You may have realised no self exists, but keep staring into this void. Go deeper into it, there's no end.

Keep staring into the truth of things and burn the illusions that may still be active.

Keep going deeper and deeper into truth. Does this make sense?


i realise there is no me, i can click into seeing that whenever i like....i can't however stay soon as i drop that awareness i'm back to square one.....the everyday stuff takes over...being wife, mother and working etc draws me back into the drama of the illusion....however whenever i choose i can sit back and know again there is no me.......are u able to be in that state where there is no u all the time?.......i will look deeper into that void.......i'll keep doing it. thanks for your help this far. I'd love to hear the story of you and how u managed to reach 'no self' state.


Thoughts come and go in the void. But they aren't 'you'.

look for the truth in every thought, keep pushing, keep burning.

Look unnerving at everything and question it. Look for the truth in everything.

Burn down the unstable structures, they are held together in the darkness.

Focus hard on the void, where a 'self' used to reside. Don't let yourself drift, or bliss out.


hi, thank you for keeping in touch so diligently...i obviously don't have much time to sit and focus hard.....u know the call of life and work prevents, but as soon as i get a chance i will sit and do as u suggest. i understand that my thoughts are not me.....but the way i see is that there is no i looking at it incorrectly......but as i say i will keep doing it.....i probably shouldn't ask but wot is it i'm looking for u i have a personality and a life i have to live.....i have to participate, that seems like a good word to is that u want me to have the experience that even when i'm participating there is still no me? 


No problem Michelle, it's a pleasure to work with someone who's really looking at this.

Now the last question;

"so is that u want me to have the experience that even when i'm participating there is still no me?"

It isn't an experience, it's a fact. It's reality, the truth. There is no you. Period.

You aren't looking for anything, if in fact you have witnessed to lie of self. Initially, you would be looking to locate a 'self' so that you could realise it's fiction. But since you claim you realise this, all that's left is the void. The space where a 'you' used to be. It's very subtle.

Go deeper into this void.

Things will still arise, anger, fear etc. But they don't take you over, become you, because they arise in the space and are recognised as not being you. There is still a free-wheeling momentum the mind has left behind, but over time it will quieten down. The important thing is to really push the void, and not even need to question if it's 'right'.

Does this make sense?

It's what Eckhart Tolle meant about insults etc going 'through you' because there is no self to defend.

There is just space, and things arising in the space. Content and nothing-ness. Then you'll truly realise everything is space and content, everything just is...


i forgot to mention, that since i've been able to just 'be' i have felt content to do nothing.....the word unmotivated comes to mind but it's not completely's more like i just seen unwilling to want to change things...i accept them for the way they u get this?


Its easy to 'bliss out'. A large portion of liberated from ruthless truth have wandered off and not looked back to help others.

For me, I realise that nothing is ever that important in the great scheme of things. But at the same time, our world is dying because of this delusional belief in self is clearly very destructive. So waking people up is the number one focus right now.

When that's happened and the world is free, then hell yeah, cocktails by the poolside it is :)


yes i understand wot ure saying, but that brings me back to the point that one has to come back from the 'no me' thing??......there is no motivataion in that space if one stays thoughts, no ego to drive one forwad, no duality....can one carry on with one's everyday life when there is 'no me'?


Come back from the no- me thing to what? What's the alternative? Believing in a self again?

The importance has been taken away, or more to the point, the lack of importance has been revealed. But this doesn't mean you'll become a vegetable unable to do anything. You still have thoughts, you need to to function in daily life.

What time do I have to collect the kids, what shall we have for dinner etc. The change has come in the realisation that thoughts aren't who you are. But thoughts still have a purpose and are useful. They just don't dominate and control.

You are free.

Everything arises in the space, the void. It just doesn't manifest as a 'you' anymore. That doesnt mean you're switched off and can't function.

Eckhart tolle - space and content. Form and formless.

After enlightenment, he claims to have 'blessed out' (my words not his, but meanings the same) then found a balance between thought and no thought a few years later.

Make sense?


yes it makes total sense......ure v good at using language...i'm not........yes i understand and ure right i can't go back to believing there is a me now....i know there is no me and that can't be am so very pleased with wot u say....i was worried that i might not be able to seems that way some days....and i've had to find a balance...yes yes and yes to all your other statements, maybe i've been liberated all along but didn't know wot it was.....i'm able to understand everything ure saying.......every single word....i just never realised this was 'it' one else i've spoken to has understood wot i've been telling them and as u've noticed i'm not very good at expressing myself....i haven't been able to find much information on google...i could find no match, no similar experiences to confirm wot i was feeling.....lmao thank you so much.....

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