Saturday, 17 September 2011

Life without the blind faith.

Before liberation, I used to wonder how people like Jed McKenna came up with these amazing quotes that just blew my mind. They were just so on point. An exact commentary on what was going on. Not only how people live their lives, but how they feel living them. The internal structures, the way we avoid things, and the motivations.

I used to wonder where they'd write, and what kind of preparation would lead to such clarity. What was the thought tree to get to that startling conclusion? Was it difficult? I wanted to learn the structure of how to do that.

Probably to be all cool and mystical. Chicks love that. But I digress..

What I loved about them most, was not only their accuracy, but the fact it was an actual look at the reality of the situation. Not shrouded in love, bliss, or serenity. No spirituality or religion. No good, bad, ifs or buts.

BUT AN ACTUAL LOOK AT THE SITUATION - A blinkers off 'hey, this is what's actually going on.' - I can't believe how simple that sounds.

It was looking without running it through any kind of mental filter to understand it. And the first author i'd ever read that wrote of enlightenment as it was, not some super state to achieve or some mystical 'other level'.

What strikes me most after enlightenment, is the way people avoid reality, and how. They build some kind of insular mental wall that disconnects them from what's real. They don't see the world, they see their perception of it in their mind.

Let's take religion for example. - Wow, that's a biggie, right? Better make this good..

The most fundamental presupposition of any religion is a God at the top of the food chain, right? The boss. The creator. The man. The Al Capone of the blind faith game.

But, where is the actual evidence for this? Yeah, everything is. Everything we see exists, but that doesn't mean an individual created it. Who created him?

I don't see any more evidence of a God than I do for the boogie man. The actual reality of God, in the way he's typically worshipped is where?

The evidence of suffering in this life to live for eternity in heaven is where exactly? Yeah it's an awesome dream, who wouldn't buy into that if it was proven to be the case? But unfortunately it isn't. It doesn't matter how much you or I want it to be, it just isn't. Mainly because nowhere in actual real life, is proof of it.

And this is endemic. It seems we believe what we want to be true, not what actually is.

All we really can possibly ever actually know, is what really exists right now. Life without the blind faith.

And that's essentially how to write these amazing mind blowing quotes. And realising that they aren't - in any way, shape or form - amazing. By taking an actual look at the situation. A ruthless look at what's real. Not what you or I want to be real, but what actually is.

Then you'll get people like 'wow, that's so true, and amazing,  and wow. How do you do that?' - Well the way to do that is drill through all the bullshit of everything and get to the core. The reality. What is actually real, that we know to be real, what can be seen to be real without any kind of belief needed to make it true.

Look at reality. Take off the blinkers and just see what's true. Actually look without wanting it to be one way or the other - that's all this really is. That's all it can ever be because anything else is mind made and requires blind faith.

Imagine - just for a second - that you could switch your brain off. Just looking around, just seeing. That's what's real, because it exists, and can be seen, or heard, or felt to exist. (You could argue that there is more to life than the five senses, but isn't that just a thought too?). Then try and take that looking into your mind and see what's being thrown up, what thoughts are entering this space and how they're being identified with.

I'm not saying these thoughts aren't real. Clearly they are, but the content of them isn't necessarily. Just thoughts. But a lot of people get stuck at this level and don't question their reality. They just naively believe thought to be true, and look where we've found ourselves.

Look for the reality of everything. Always.

All we can ever really know for sure, is what is. It has to be doesn't it? Run the numbers yourself, do the work yourself. You must if you want to live in reality. Living in the mind is getting this place real fucked up. Get it done.

So, yeah. If you want to be all cool and mystical, err, don't be.

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