Saturday, 22 October 2011


I've been in this 'enlightenment game' for over a year now, i've read a lot of posts, and interacted with a fair few people. I've even managed to liberate 4. Go me.

What I see a huge amount of, is resistance. Fighting this whole liberation thing. Unless you're actually looking at the very possibility that a self doesn't exist, then you're resisting. I've heard almost every excuse as a reason not to look at the reality of it. I've even been called a 'belief clinging cultist.' I love that one, it's hilarious.

When we really look at resistance, what is it?

What's the structure that keeps this alive?

What stops people from actually looking?

They're presented with new information, information that doesn't fit their current perceived view of the world, and is immediately rejected. The mind says 'erm, that doesn't fit our map of the world, so no, that can't be right. Proceed to heckle...' And when thoughts run your life, then you follow this thought.

It doesn't get tested. For to test it would be to take a step into the unknown. And how many people do that these days?

A  lot of fear causes resistance. People may suffer, but it's known isn't it? It's comfortable, it's safe. They want freedom, but they aren't willing to pay the small fee of stepping into the unknown. Jed McKenna was right, 'it’s not happiness that sends one in search of truth. It’s rabid, feverish, clawing madness to stop being a lie, regardless of price, come heaven or hell.'

So we hit a boundary.

People are keen, they want the enlightenment, they want the stacks of cash, they want the flash cars, and the gorgeous women that go with it (true story) but the small price to pay is testing out a new theory. A new concept - the truth is, you ain't.

There's the rub. I want freedom, but I don't want to take the leap. Resistance.

What also surprises me, is how many people DO hang around to heckle. They hang in chatrooms, forums, Facebook groups and laugh, mock, tease people of this simple yet profound Truth. These people used to baffle me. If there's something I have NO interest in, that I don't believe, or I just don't want to talk about, I don't talk about it.

I don't tell people that I think they're crazy belief clinging cultists. I have other things to do, so why waste my relatively short life deriding others perceived reality?

I came to the conclusion that they are right on the very cusp of looking, but are too afraid. They must be, right? They are investing time and energy there, but aren't looking. A little hater filled no mans land.

For these people, I set a challenge. The Truth needs no defense, it stands alone. So. If they look and see that what I was pointing them to was correct - there is in fact, no self - then BAM! welcome to the party.

If they look, and everything i've told them is complete bullshit, then BAM! they get to look good in front of all their spiritual friends by making me look quite the fool. So it's a win-win.

And everyone likes a win-win.

In this situation, it goes one of two ways. They either look, and yeah, they see what i'm pointing them to is true. Welcome to reality. Or they make some grand closing statement and run like the wind, run back into what's uncomfortable, but known.

It's not even a big step. It's a subtle change of perspective that destroys your perceived view of what's real, and gives you perhaps your first look at what really is.

So which way will you take it dear reader? Will you enter into the win-win situation, or run back into your mind made - but known - bullshit?

You're here for a very short time. Don't waste it by being scared of something that doesn't even exist.


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  2. Yup, resistance to what is & clinging to what is believed. Nice post! :)
    One observation though: it is not accurate to say that 'you' liberated someone - this is absurd. You can point them in the right direction & help them to see what they are doing- until THEY do eventually Just Look & then, they may SEE...
    but it is them who LOOKS & the mystery who SEES.

  3. Yeah that's a great point Graham, I can only show them where to look, it's up to them to do the work.

    Has this blog been helpful to you?

    I'm always looking at ways to improve on my pointing and helping others at efficiently as I can..