Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dig Deeper..

Ok, so Ciaran quit.

I can see why, I really can. His blog is bringing the heat. He always brought the heat. What's amazing me is the fact that so many claim to be enlightened, and yet are still attacking his points. He unleashed on Danny, and the reaction wasn't 'yeah, fuck, you're right. Jesus.' It was basically, 'he's talking shit.'

But he isn't talking shit. He's bang on the money. So why doesn't everyone see that?

People ARE selfish. I've been selfish to a huge degree. ME. Yes ME. I'm not ashamed to say that.


I'm happy to dick around on Facebook, go party at the weekend, while people are locked in this mental prison. Torturing themselves with phantom fears held in with phantom walls. And there's Rikki, living it up in the nightclub, thinking he's the shit.

It's shameful.

Yeah ok, I post a little. I help on the forum. I've made a couple videos for Liberation Unleashed. But that's not enough is it? Why aren't I at this every spare second I have? Why? I haven't sacrificed anything. I'm even going to Las Vegas next week with my friends. Why haven't I used that money to help free the world?


The problem is, I only saw the problem when he brought it up.  It took a man i've never actually met to make me see this. I haven't dug anywhere near deep enough. I've barely scratched the surface on human suffering, the human condition. Seriously. We liberate ourselves then think that's the end of the journey.

POW. You're a Buddha now, go pick up chicks in the club with your new Zen powers. Shameful.

People don't dig, even after liberation. There's more. It's hugely apparent in the replies to Ciaran's resignation isn't it? Or is it just me that can see the actual truth in his posts?

I'm looking at the responses, and thinking 'why can I see this is bang on the money, but others can't? Or won't?' The same people that claim to be enlightened, get criticized, and react, and defend, or flip it off as Ciaran going off on one again. You do that because you're too afraid, or selfish, or lazy to look at the fact that what he's saying is actually true.

You haven't looked. You reacted. You flipped it off, and you run away.

Yet again, he's had to do the leg work, and yet again, he's being attacked for bringing the truth. But this time, he's getting it from the people he tried to help in the first place. So called liberated that don't see his points are bang on the money.

I'm going to start digging. Really. We shouldn't rely on Ciaran to keep doing this, bringing clarity and sucking on the udder of his wisdom. Because you can all do it, if you'd lay it all on the line, give it all up and take a cold hard look at what's actually going on.

What have you sacrificed? Personally, what have YOU sacrificed?

And don't say five minutes here and there, shooting off the odd forum response or blog post (like me). What have you personally given up to free the planet of this bullshit?


I'm getting tired of people spouting Rumi quotes and love and serenity pictures on Facebook. Because anyone can do that, and it's helping literally no one. It's clarity on an atom deep level guys, really.

Did those same quotes help you break out of identification? No. So why are you posting them?

People love to feel good. And superior. And posting a Rumi quote with a '<3' after it, then everyone 'likes' it, and smiles, and then they say how beautiful it is, and how everything happens in it's own time, and the universe decides, and.....yeah.

But come on, that's weak. It just makes you feel good, and because everyone agrees, you assume that's enough. So you smile a little inside. You did a good thing today didn't you? YAY. You can go to bed thinking you did your bit, and helped free the world, but you didn't, it was self serving. Were you helping others or making yourself feel good by weakly veiling your attempt at helping others as using them to make yourself feel good?


I'm going to. Ciaran's gone, but he was right. And you can all sustain eachother, keep posting Rumi all over Facebook, or you can climb into the engine room of the human condition, and get a real grip of what the fuck is going on. He even hinted at the repression of human passion and genius, start there.

What will you sacrifice?

P.S. My thoughts are that everyone will club together against this, and there will be validation in numbers. If 3 or more people disagree, then whoever else disagrees will feel 'ok' to jump on the bandwagon, mop their brow and say an inner 'thank fuck he was wrong'.


  1. If you're done with LU.

    There's always:

  2. Yeah I checked that out, looks very slick and professional. Love the design. And i'm sure you guys will be bringing the good stuff.

    I'll check it out man, make it rain..

  3. Should everyone see it Rikki?

    Should you sacrifice more?

    Should you free the world?

    If you really think any of those are true, then you do need to dig deeper.

  4. How can the answer possibly be no to any of these questions?


  5. Just a little while ago you posted about'Letting things be'. How can you look at the content of a thought - just an insubstantial thought - and think 'yeah, that's true'? It's nothing but possibility - potential. That's it. That's all. Not true, not non-true.

    You have articles on your experience of no-self, but then you believe that your thoughts - and Ciaran's - are true? What if...just what if...none of those questions even warrants an answer at all? What if they CAN'T be true, because they are just beliefs?

    Is THAT possible? Go back and read that farmer story I posted.

    "Who knows."

    Furthermore, the notion of 'sacrifice' is nothing more than a notion. Wouldn't 'sacrifice' require (a) a person or self who (b) 'owned' or 'had' a possession to offer to another (c) self for some type of (d) 'purposeful' future event to occur? I mean, shit. You're just stacking one belief on top of another.

    Turtles all the way down Rikki.

    Yes, dig deeper.

  6. Ok, firstly. Let's look at 'letting things be' and taking action...

    If I stand in front of you, constantly punching you in the face, are you going to see that's a kind of sucky situation and take action, or just stand there, letting the universe decide, letting it be?

    I mean, in a hundred years, we'll both be dead, so on a universal scale neither option matters a great deal, but fuck it, would you just stand there?

    If the world is rotting in lies, and by lies I mean identified thought patterns that are untrue, ie a self (to start), then is it ok to let it be? Even though you know that to be un-true?

    Are you happy to let people unnecessarily suffer in lies?


    Secondly, by sacrifice, I mean giving something up for a greater good.

    Now, i've been liberated for over a year now, but i'll still dick around on Facebook and go partying. Is that OK? I mean, is it ok that I am free but I haven't really sacrificed to really help anyone else?

    That sits OK with you?

    Because my eyes are open, and yeah, i've been selfish. I've helped some people out, but nothing to write home about. Haven't given everything up in the name of truth and the true freedom of the planet.

    That's what I mean by sacrifice.