Sunday, 27 November 2011

Facebook quotes..

"Music is the Universe saying 'I love you'".

I'm getting really tired of seeing this on Facebook. It's usually accompanied by a '<3' and everyone liking it. This Facebook status in particular had comments of 'Beautiful!' and 'I love this! <3'

But just stop for a second, seriously. Please. Just stop being romantic and look at it. How is this true in any way?

Is this true of dark, heavy, grunge music? Is heavy metal the universe saying 'I love you'?

I decide to comment. Usually i'll let it go, because i'd spend 80% of my life commenting on these things if I really looked hard at them all, but this one was so glaring I just had to say something.

I basically got a reply of..."I am everything, so i am love...and music is the only way to talk without words"


So..."so if you're everything, you must be hate to. So why isn't music hate?' 

Pff. I won't post the whole thing, it's long, drawn out, and ridiculous. She basically says hate only exists for the mind. I counter that if she's everything, she's hate too. Live by the sword and all that...

She asks how the mind can understand love, then says love is the death of mind. I ask how she can do her shopping and make appointments with a dead mind. She says I don't understand, and I need to experience, not informations. Sorry, what?

These people are dangerous. Aren't they the flip side of those crazy American people that'll kill you if you say God doesn't exist? They just dress it up in niceness and love, but they're still talking crap. Really. They post these things but have no way of backing them up because it's bullshit and has no grounding in reality. 

The only reason they do it is because it makes them feel good, and everyone agrees, and they build this little loving community and sit and quote Rumi and...yeah. They think they're spiritual and above me because apparently I don't understand. I'm being negative and not loving like they. 

But what they don't realize is that i'm all about reality and truth. That's it. I'm not here to hate, or love for that matter, i'm just looking at what's real with open eyes. And like it or not, music ISN'T the Universe saying it loves you.

It isn't true. Not because I don't want it to be, but because when you really look at it, it's NOT true is it? It's just not. It's crap. But because everyone else is full of crap, it goes unnoticed. No one calls it out, because it's too 'nice'. It's not truth, it's nice-ism. Yeah. That's what it is, nice-ism. And i'm the big bad wolf because i'm the meanie telling them that nice-ism has no grounding in reality. 

Bad Rikki.

It's what Ciaran was talking about - agreeing. Someone will post up a quote, no one REALLY looks at it, it just sounds good, so they gush all over it. They don't realize these quotes NEVER wake anyone up, but that doesn't matter does it, because your goal was to look good, and have people re-affirm you. 

If there's one thing I want you to take from this post, is to just LOOK at what's been said. See for yourself if it is true. And see if it has any ACTUAL depth and clarity. If it will ACTUALLY HELP anyone that is looking for freedom, or it's a self serving device to make you feel good in front of all your spiritual friends.

Just that one thing. For me.

I ended the thread like this...

"Music isn't love.

Stop being romantic."

She 'liked' it, then posted...

"hahahahahaha! Rikki! <3"

I don't think she saw it. Pff, people.


  1. What's wrong with using language in a metaphorical, poetic way to express a certain feeling or experience?

  2. But look at the reality of it, is music the universe saying i love you?

    Do you honestly think these quotes are direct enough to actually help people, and get them to see the truth?

  3. Haha, no, music is not literally the universe saying I love you, at least I think not ;-)

    And, yeah, such statements will not be helpful in a direct pointing session, but (fortunately) not every conversation is one of those, right?