Monday, 28 November 2011

Going dark..

Ciaran disappears for a while when he's really digging into philosophical issues. I can see why. Seeing the lack of any real clarity in almost everyone i've come across has just....I don't even know how to describe it. Words fail me.

How can people not see?

Adrian said it best...

"Ciaran didnt go any further after no self than many people here have done. "

Wow. I don't even have any other words for this. Just wow. Words fail me. I honestly didn't think people still had this level of fog to believe this shit.

If I have to remind you, Ciaran not only cracked the shell on this, he built the RT forum, and mapped it for everyone else. So the structure was in place. He wrote his pieces on how to deepen, overcoming anxiety, the void, demon theory, and easing suffering. He also helped build LU, helped with their e-book, set up the Vanguard, set up his own RT publishing company and offered to publish work good enough whilst still liberating more people than anyone else.

And I have to read..

"Ciaran didnt go any further after no self than many people here have done. "

What do you say to that? It's just such a joke it's not even funny. I wish it was funny, but it's not.

And Ciaran is still knocking out gold with his latest posts, which people have done almost nothing but criticize. It's insane. My whole outlook on the liberated has been blown open.

Seriously, how can I see that he's bang on point and most can't/won't? (Genuine question)

I think if i'm going to get any real clarity myself i'll need to stop Facebooking, because conversing on this atom deep level is blowing my Zen mind to bits.

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  1. lol, I thought id replied to this, was it deleted?