Saturday, 26 November 2011

I'm blown away..


Just wow.

I didn't realise people had no clarity. I really didn't. Jesus. This is insane. I've been blown away.

Since Ciaran has been blogging the past week, my eyes have been opened wide. Like, fuck, this is all true, fuck, I had no depth, Jesus. So what did I do? I started digging, and LOOKING. Everything he has written is money.

But what am I seeing in response? People thinking the same? Thinking 'wow, yeah. Fuck. This is bang on it, I really need to start digging, like now.'

Haha. Of course not. Even 'enlightened' truth sayers, arguing. Arguing what? REALITY. THE TRUTH OF THINGS. WOW.

Liberation isn't the final destination is it? That's not the end of bullshit, the evidence is glaring.

His posts aren't shrowded in flowers, and love, and serenity and fucking Rumi are they? No. You see the word 'fuck' and you run a mile. 'Ciaran has gone mad!' you cry, because you didn't see love or Rumi and you ran away to your little fucking Facebook group where you could cool off, have a beer and hide with the other cowards. Post up a little picture of a sunset and feel comfortable again. Phew...

I thought better of you. Maybe that was my mistake.

I'm a little bit sickened right now.


  1. Post-liberation, it seems to be simultaneously easier to both ignore AND look into what other people are saying.

    I think some of it boils down to laziness, but the main roadblock is not understanding the value of honesty... I know I didn't before this thing; I knew lying to myself was "bad", but never came near to seeing the full scope of it.

    The good thing about that problem though is that it's an easy one to fix; it really only takes one look at the value of honesty to set a fire on your ass reminding you to keep doing it.

  2. To a point, yeah you could call it lazy. But at the same time people are arguing against Ciaran, why is that?

    Why can I see it's bang on, and others think he's flipping out and gone insane?

    Are people THAT lazy that they won't even look when he's screaming it all over his blog? The same blog THEY CHOOSE to read?

  3. Look up Seth Godin's 'The Dip' and you'll see why Ciaran quit and is looking for £500/hour (lol at his price btw).

  4. Wow, looks like an interesting read. I did note a few Seth comments on his Facebook, and it ties in with the whole quitting thing.

    Funny how he says he quit but he still posts everyday. If you didn't actually care, wouldn't you not actually care and NOT blog?