Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Structure of what's left..

The problem as I see it right now, is that to become liberated, all you need to do is see no self exists. That's the baseline. That's essential. Straight to the core. POW and the world is cured, right?

Wrong. That's not the end, it's only the beginning.

What we have are a lot of numbers. A list of liberated. Yet very few with any real clarity, and a tiny proportion of key players willing to stick around and help anyone else. It's like...

'Can you see it? No self?'

'Erm, no, I still believe in an I....'

'But is it true?'

' Wow.'

'BAM! Next...'

Whether they stick around is anyone's guess. Why don't they? If at the core, there is no self, and their is NO identification to thought whatsoever, shouldn't everyone feel some basic level of compassion or curiosity to help the next guy?

What's left once you've seen the truth of no self existing? Well dear reader, i'll answer that for you - the mental structure is still in place. The same structure that you had before, the structure that fed the ego, made it special, wanted to stand out, me, me, me, is still there. You shot the very heart of the lie, but the outer core still remains.

You still want to be right, and you still want to look good. Looking good and being right is often enough, and that's as far as you're willing to go. How far did you really push that idea, how far did you look into it, or research it, how well do you know what you're saying?

Did you go all the way, and get into the engine room of it, or skim the surface, find an outlook that cast you in the best possible light, and use that? 

You want the position that you are one that's correct, and makes you look the best.  That's not even an opinion is it, that's what's happening. I see so many Rumi quotes on Facebook, and when I question them, they just don't want to look. They want to bless me with some kind of infinite love. That's their position, that's the angle their hitting this from.

They hit it this way because when I question them, even for a second, they can revert to the whole '<3' process and somehow be above what I questioned. I'm young. I'm naive. I don't understand. I'm a cult leader. I've heard it all. It's the same process, doing whatever to cast the best possible angle on a self that doens't even exist.

Although they would NEVER admit that. Oh no. Partly because they don't see it, mainly because they never looked.

Let's take embarassment. How is that possible with no self existing? I mean, really, look at that. How does that work, what's to be embarrassed? There IS NO SELF to be embarrassed, so how comes people still are?

But it's still there isn't it? That thought process still exists for you doesn't it?

The process is still functioning, and although at the very core, you realise there is nothing to be fed, it still continues to work. We can't control thought, so in a sense, that an autonomous process. What we can do, is look at these thoughts as they arise.

Really, that's all we can do. We can catch them, and see how they work. We can climb into them and see how that process is working. Working for a self that doesn't exist.

See if you can catch yourself taking a position, a side, and see if you can catch your motivation behind it. Is it still that self serving autonomous process working, still feeding that ego that doesn't even exist.

Get back to me on this one, i'm interested to see how this works out.

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