Thursday, 29 November 2012

Slow Dance


Have you ever watched kids
On a merry-go-round?

Or listened to the rain
Slapping on the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

You better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.
The music won't last.

Do you run through each day
On the fly?

Whenyou ash How are you? Do
you hear the reply?

When the day is done,
do you lie in your bed

With the next hundred chores
Running through your head?

You'd better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.
The music won't last.

Ever toldyour child,
We'll do it tomorrow?

And inyour haste, Not
see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch,
Let a good friendship die

Cause you never had time
To call and say, "Hi"?

You'd better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.
The music won't last.

Whenyou run so fast to get somewhere
You miss half the fun of getting there.

Whenyou worry and hurry throughyour day,
It is like an unopened gift thrown away.

Life is not a race.
Do take it slower.

Hear the music Before
the song is over.

(Just for the record, not my writing)


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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Deconstruct The 'I', Abide In Stillness

I've been practising some meditation techniques I learned from Gary Weber's blog, and a couple questions he was kind enough to send via PM. The goal of this is to completely de-construct the 'I'.

One technique of Gary's that really highlights the contents of your thoughts is to sit in a comfortable, quiet place for at least 5 minutes. Take some calm, slow breaths and focus exclusively on that for at least a minute. Then imagine 2 buckets, one labelled 'I, me, or mine' and the other 'Thoughts not involving an 'I''. Now pay close attention to the content of your thoughts, and place a pebble in the relevant bucket each time a thought arises.

What you'll quickly realise is that 99% of thoughts are all about you, self referential thoughts. Gary's method, which is heavily influenced by Ramana Maharshi, is to deconstruct the 'I', getting to the source of identity, rather than sorting through every thought.

A lot of the folks from various movements have realised that no 'I' exists, which is true, BUT, the selfing network is still alive, trillions of neurons and synaptic connections in the brain don't immediately rewire, that's just impossible. To quote Gary;

"IME, awakening is not a "once and done", it goes on and on. (i don't use the "e" word as it is so misunderstood). we have roughly 50,000,000,000,000 synaptic interconnections between our neurons; if only 2% of those are used in "selfing" and self-related behaviors, that is still 1,000,000,000,000 that need to be unwound and/or reconfigured. That, thankfully, doesn't happen all at once or it would be cataclysmic. It goes on, and on and on. If anyone declares themselves "finished", they aren't."

And also;

"Stillness is capable of endless enlargement."

That is how things are feeling right now, i'm able to abide in that for a short while, yet I can sense it is only a small taste of the endless depth. It can be deepened with practise.

It really is a beautiful thing, the peace I have craved my entire life. Or "the peace that passeth all understanding."

What i've been finding is that not only am I able to abide in this thought free state for a short while, this weekend I was able to be with my partner and had moments where the 'I' was completely dropped and I was able to relate without any self referential thinking. Relate from stillness. It was incredibly peaceful, a kind of nectar to the soul. Our natural state.

One other thing i've noticed while reflecting and deconstructing, is that when in solitude I can be in stillness, but I had some belief that I had to relate to others through a 'self'. Interesting observation. Like I had to be someone to function in the world, but this isn't the case. Thoughts can come up, the right thing to say or do in the moment. From what i've read of the stillness state, this experience is quoted by many noted teachers, Tolle, Weber and Lao Tzu spring to mind right now.

“Do you have the patience to wait
 Till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
Till the right action arises by itself?”

- Lao Tzu

"This moment is already always as it is, and there's nothing you can do about that. That's what you accept. Then, action that arises has a different energy to it. The will that flows into what you do is no longer egoic."

- Eckhart Tolle

This is how being in the world is starting to feel. When you don't live through an 'I' or for the 'I', you move through the world in stillness and allow things to arise naturally. It really is beautiful. 

Another question i've been working with is one Gary sent to me, the way I ask it to myself is; 'if i'm not in alignment right now, WHO isn't alignment?' or 'who/what isn't in alignment right now?' Then I see what comes up. And don't just ask it and wonder off, but see what comes up, be there for a while, see the thought structure in place and it will begin to weaken. Then you'll be drawn more and more into the stillness, as you deconstruct the 'I', it's all that is left. All that is real. All that is true. 

Then it won't be YOUR movement, just movement. 
Not YOUR words, just words. 
Not YOUR stillness, just stillness.
And you begin to align with what is.

Deconstruct the 'I', abide in stillness. Get on it. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

We've Been Looking At It All Wrong

Wow. So i've been researching this no self topic for the last little while, and it seems it's a much bigger movement than I even knew about. I happened to come across Gary Weber, and his work has really blown me away. Blending ancient teachings with cutting edge technology to really 'prove' what's going on. Incredible, really.

The way in which I thought of no self before was that you see no you exists, in any way. It just doesn't. That's a great start but not the whole race. The interesting thing is what happens after that. You think this is a one shot deal and you're 'done' for life? Nope. Sorry.

I think that's a big misconception about enlightenment. And the argument still exists over whether it can be deepened. From researching the work of Gary, and his colleagues, i've come to learn (and apply) his work. What happens is this.

The brain literally has a hardwired version of 'you'. All the neurons, all the connections have been built so 'you' exist. We are talking trillions of connections here, physical connections in the brain of a 'you' that is believed to exist. But as we can see when we actually look for you, is that you don't. Hmm. I think what most people expect is that you suddenly 'pop' and BAM you're a wise old sage sitting in a cave with loads of gap year backpackers bugging you for wisdom. But the reality is that all of these brain synapses are still active. 'The Selfing Network' is still alive.

What this then causes is a constant stream of thoughts about a you that we can see doesn't exist. It's like the brain is running on autopilot, still running the 'you' software. Interesting.

One prominent person in a previous movement states that this constant stream of thoughts is automatic and CAN'T be stopped. Gary Weber says it can, and is living life for the most part without thoughts.

How, I hear you cry.

Well if you really examine this constant stream of thought, you will see (very quickly) that they are all self referential. Ie, they are ALL about YOU. So to stop these thoughts, you get to the source.

Mr Weber has the MRI scans of meditators brains. It is LITERALLY posible to rewire it, give it enough data and it will reconfigure. See the brain loves stillness, it's like it's natural state before all the fictitious self crap clogged it up. It's almost like your brain is like a computer, running tons of useless programs, redundant thought streams and a couple viruses.

All these are just getting in the way to connecting with life and living from stillness. The thoughts are 'taking up the bandwidth' to quote Mr Weber.

It IS possible to live without self referential thoughts, you need to rewire your brain. It IS possible to live from stillness and connect to life in a real and ever increasing place of power.

This will be my practise for the next while, in fact i've already startes and feel incredible stillness at times. I can sense this is only the beginning however, and seeing no self exists is a great place to start as you can really get a perspective on the self referential thoughts that stand between  you and life.

It's all very exciting if you ask me.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Science Is Cool

"Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." - Albert Einstein

I'm sure you've read this before. I've seen it many times, yet never really looked at it, or understood it. Yet i've come across a video that seems to shed some light on this for me.

(This blog post was influenced by a Gary Weber video I watched. If you haven't heard of Gary Weber, I highly recommend his stuff. And his beard. He really does have terrific facial hair.)

Subjects were given a problem to solve and their brain was monitored using scanners (MRI, etc) the scientists could predict with 100% accuracy the point when the person accomplished the task.

Interesting enough in it's own right, I think you'll agree. But what happened next is also intriguing. Once the problem had been solved, it sent the information up to another area of the brain, the part that claimed ownership, ie 'I solved the problem, it was ME.'



Is this what Einstein is saying, yet the other way around? In this example the problem was solved THEN identified as ME that solved it, yet when you reverse it, is it possible the fictitious ME is creating fictitious problems that this space, or void, or life itself just figures out? (if you let it)

Is that possible?

Is that what Einstein means?

There does seem to be a gap between the science and the spiritual crowd. I think Gary Weber is the current day bridge. Some of his descriptions could be straight from Tolle, yet his analysis and testing is scientific. Einstein also has some interesting quotes from a man that is essentially a scientist. Here's one:

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to which he has attained liberation from the self.”

Great stuff.

Science is cool.

When I first got into Tolle etc, I actually thought science was the enemy. Always trying to disprove things, maybe this was 'beyond' that, beyond thought, beyond reason.

In retrospect, I was in denial. Creating this comfortable mental version of reality that I didn't want examined. Maybe this is why scientific research into this isn't even close to mainstream as the spiritual crowd is. It's almost like the warm, cozy beliefs of spirituality are so nice you don't want to give them up, even if they are lies. And the market for your lies is so vast you can happily spend your lifetime being a 'seeker'. And no-one will challenge you.

But science is making headway. It'll be interesting when science has some rock solid proof of no self, I wonder what the hippies'll do then....

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Life lives Itself

So I just watched this video,  the simplicity of it really hit me. How all so beautifully simple it really is.

It just could not be more simple.

Everything is one. One flow. Reality. Everything exists in reality. There is no separation, EVERYTHING in reality. What happens is the mind really complicates things, the illusion of separation. You take thoughts as truth, YOUR opinion, YOUR standpoint. The biggest lie is the one that thinks there is a separate you. There isn't. There can't possibly be. Everything is one.

Life is living itself. No you to control anything. It's all an illusion. Crazy huh?

Your whole life, the struggles, the times you defended yourself, embarrassed yourself, humiliated yourself, were proud of yourself. WHAT SELF? There isn't one. anywhere, ever.

So your whole life has been in service of a lie, and reality has been unaffected. The full glory, the potential, the infinite love and passion that were there all along, untapped because you were fighting phantoms, chasing shadows, and working for a you that doesn't exist.

How annoying, right? I know, I did it too. Everyone is doing it, but YOU are reading this, now. You have a chance, a way out. You can see this pattern, break the identification and live in reality. You could do that, right now, if you were really honest.

And that's all you need to crack this, honesty. That's the key, just that. All this is true, but it isn't true because I said it, reality doesn't care what you or I think of it. It just is. So you either see what is REAL,  the truth of the situation, or your turn away to live a life of cowardice and vanity.

Because it's not even like you 'win'. If you turn your head, ignore this, run away, reality doesn't even care. It's still true, it's still reality. You just can't see it. You're too busy reading some shitty magazine or watching some shitty soap. Anything to feed the drama, to give you some feeling in your grey existence.

But you're missing out. Not even on some shiny idea, but on truth, on reality. And everything that entails. Living.

Life is living itself, the full force, the depths of reality you will never see unless you muster the honesty to see this. You really are missing out, all to live in service of a LIE.

Is it even worth it? Do you even feel fulfilled? Is ego driven vanity working out for you? If it is, cool, well done. But it isn't, is it? It gnaws at you, in your quiet moments, in moments of despair, when you allow just a atom of honesty, you know you're building castles in the sky. A monument to nothing. Nothing at all.

When you start tapping this flow, the flow of reality, you unlock your potential. Because life works for all life, it works for the whole. It's beautiful. Endless depths of love, of truth, of passion. Exploring life, living life as a human could. A life of truth and human brilliance.

And don't thing, 'yes Rikki, this is correct. I agree..', no. I don't want you to agree, don't stop there. Agreeing won't help you. This isn't 'right' or 'wrong', this is what IS. Truth. Is this real?  You must look, and see this for yourself. Recognise the pattern. Only then can you start tapping this flow.

ONLY then.

It's sickening, what you could be. And what you give it all up for.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

New Truth Strike Book Released Today

A collaboration of articles from some of the cool kids at Truth Strike, check it out and download the free e-book.

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Start Here

Hello everyone, and welcome to 'The Obvious Elusive'. I'm glad you made it.

It's tough out there right? 7 billion lies all competing for attention, the ego in full glory, greed, suffering, the list goes on and on. But hey, you made it here, you are one of the ones aware enough to see the madness and look for a way off the treadmill. That's awesome, me too!

This blog is about uncovering truth, connecting with life without the illusionary self coming in between. See, in reality there is no 'you'. No 'I' separate from the whole. There is life living itself, and the illusion of you. This illusion is a subtle thing, but it is all consuming. It has endless desires, needs, wants, fears, insecurities, weaknesses, masks, opinions etc, but that isn't who YOU are, it's (to coin Gary Weber) the 'selfing network'.

This makes life a constant struggle, a constant need for ego gratification. But it's never quite enough is it? You never quite get 'there' do you? Maybe that's why you're here.

The good news is that you are aware of that, and you are looking for change. That's great, it's about time we straightened ourselves out huh? So how do we do that? Well, if you pay attention to the constant stream of thoughts, you'll quickly realise that 99.9% of them are about YOU. Maybe not directly, sometimes as subtle as YOUR opinion, or YOUR desire, someone has a negative opinion of YOU.

The way to step of this endless treadmill is to deconstruct the 'I'. A lot of people spend their lives trying to put out certain fires, like desire, or insecurity, but at the very core of all of these things is the 'I'. When you see THAT as the illusion, these things begin to fall away. The 'I' is the centre on which all other fictitious things turn, when you SEE that (SEE, NOT agree) then all these negative things fall away.

There is no one there to be insecure, or to crave or have a self image, so you kill it from the core.

Which is cool.

Anyway, i'll leave you to navigate your way around and shoot me a e-mail if you have some feedback or a question:

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Much love.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What Is Freedom If You Don't Use It?

There really are two kinds of freedom.

The more I look around, into the spiritual work of the masters of yerteryear I can see that. What most people think of as enlightenment or liberation is the end of suffering, or at least self created suffering. A deep sense of tranquility, serenity, peace, and maybe even the ability to shoot lasers from your eyes.

But, when we truly see no self, we stare into the void, the void in which we BELIEVED a self to be, and all we see is space, well, all it really does is take the edge of all the self created shit we had before. Nothing can bother you in the way it did before, you quickly gain perspective and a greater sense of clarity of things. 

Which, don't get me wrong, is cool. A certain kind of freedom, freedom from suffering. Freedom from all the shit you had going on before. 

And for some that's enough, ya'know. They just bliss out,  the Zen master that kind of fucks off to his cave, rings his little bell, rakes his little sand garden and was pestered by gap year students the rest of his life. 

But that's only freedom from something, it's only half the deal.

How about all the good stuff?

How about freedom to connect with the life that is on the deepest level?

How about REAL passion, REAL love, REAL creativity?

How about living a life of REAL purpose, with REAL colour and vibrance, as a runaway locomotive of the life and passion that burns to be free, to fully express human potential, human genius, all the things you can sometimes sense you are capable of. And in your honest, quiet moments - the life that screams to be free.

I've heard it said somewhere before, that not using liberation to it's full potential is like the slave of the deep south. He's finally free of the chains that bind him but he just goes back to picking cotton and kind of delights in the fact he's free when others aren't. Never living the full potential of his freedom.

I can finally see this, I can finally see why, and how, and how to tap it. It's early days, my muscles of true honesty into using this are weak, but i'm tapping the flow.

Exciting times abound.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Professional Services

I hope you're enjoying all the content on the blog, I aim to keep as much free to you as possible and hope you can gain everything I have gained and learned along the way by talking to some great teachers, and reading some fascinating books.

Unfortunately I am only one man (may be a good thing, i'm not sure :p) so I can't always respond to your e-mails and questions as quickly as i'd like. Aside from working, i'm constantly reading, learning, deepening my experience of liberation and looking into new ways to make my blog a great resource for you guys.

It will be an hourly deal, over either Facebook or Gmail chat. To discuss this with me e-mail me at:   -  (subject line 'Professional Services')

Or alternatively, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.

Much love.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Truth Strike - The Science & Art of Freedom

Working with 'Truth Strike' from now on, a very committed group of people not only triggering liberation, but deepening it too. Come visit the forum -

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Everything is energy?

It started when I really started to get my head around this Bill Hicks quote:

"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is a dream and we are the imaginations of ourselves."

Pretty fucking powerful for a guy labelled a 'comedian' huh?

I'd just watched the film about his life, how he began, charting his path through alcohol and psychedelic drugs all the way through to his untimely and tragic death at just 32.

The part that really intrigued me was his use of psychedelic drugs. He used to go off to the ranch with a couple friends to trip out and open up his mind to new levels of consciousness. Don't think he's some crazed hippy looking to get out of his mind, he was doing this to genuinely expand his awareness and see beyond. 

No, really, he was.

I won't go hugely into it, but i'll strongly recommend you watch it, and anything by Bill Hicks for that matter. He's very funny, but more than that, he is incredibly honest, and it seems more of a preacher of Truth than a comedian. 

Great man. Really, incredible person.

This energy stuff got me thinking though, I mean, everything is energy? 


Condensed to a slower frequency, so as to be perceived by the senses. 




Back in the day when I was searching for answers, I read 'The Secret', which is a drawn out book (later drawn out over multiple books) on this very thing. Generating specific frequencies to attract specific events/objects/people etc. 

And then we have this quote: 

"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

(There's talk of it being Einstein but I don't think it has been verified.)

We're really starting to piece together some interesting stuff here. Let's have a legit Einstein quote up in this too:

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

Now this is looking exciting. I mean, isn't this quote the answer to everything, ever? Is it?


It certainly explains 'no self' scientifically. I mean, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. And we have the science to prove it.


Why isn't this huge news?

I've been looking around all day, seeing everything as slower vibrational energy. I'm such a renegade. I'm like Neo from 'The Matrix', just much better looking.

This has really got inside my head, this is fucking awesome. It also ties in with this:

"There is no division in reality." by our very own Schopenhauer.

Not sure what to make of this right now. It's all too much.

*covers head in tinfoil hat*

Monday, 6 August 2012

So Selfish

So I got caught up again. Fuck. I mean, fuck. Thoughts are incredibly powerful and seductive. They'll sneak in the back exit and claw you back in. Working to build up and puff out the chest of a self that doesn't exist.

And it doesn't exist.

It's been a long time since I wrote that.

I've been caught up in life, chasing shiny things, things I don't really need but again, work in service of the lie. The thought structure remains, feeding thoughts of superiority and glory. They feed the lie. 

Thoughts feed the ego structure, you always win in your mind. You always come up with the perfect line, at the perfect time, to look super fucking cool.

I've listened to Ciaran's mp3 of a chat with Nick Restrapo from back in the day, and the truth of his words hit me again, as to why people just fuck off after liberation.

The thing is, if a person has been selfish their whole life, living a life fuelled primarily by vanity that services a self that we know now doesn't exist, and you knock out the self, then why bother doing anything?

You neutralize that person, because the thought structure is all me, me, me. Then when there is no 'me', what is there to service? Why bother helping anyone wake the fuck up, because that person gets no benefit from it, right?

And that's when it kind of dawned on me, that maybe I am selfish. I mean, really fucking selfish. Yeah ok, I stuck around during Ruthless Truth and popped a few people, but who was I really doing it for? What were my motives? And why the fuck did I disappear? Why did I go to Las fucking Vegas?

Selfishness. Plain and simple.

So i've realised this now. My ego structure is incredibly selfish.

It wasn't always this way. I used to be caring as a child (Freud up in this beyach) then life kinda beat me down, people fucked me over, and I turned in on myself and vowed to walk this path alone. I didn't really rationalize this to myself at the time, but in retrospect that's how it was.

I thought, ok, i'll figure things out on my own, and let everyone get on with their own lives. So when I found this, I almost didn't want to share.

I had to find it, and actually look, and boom, enlightenment. But, everyone walks their own path, so let them find it themselves, thought I.


I'm not sure if everyone had this turning point that made them bitter, or it's just my own story. It's an interesting point, and I think i'm waking up to the fact that I need to help other people. I mean, that's a fucking retarded thing to say right? I should have known that anyway, which I kinda did, but this time i've realized it to be true.

I need to clean my shit the fuck up. This movement is incredibly weak right now, there's very little potency to it.

The thing with Ciaran is that he is incredibly passionate, and I think that's this movement needs. There's a whole heap of shit all over my passion right now, and i'm not going to layer any Anthony Robbins over it, i'm going to clean the shit off and see what's lurking there in reality and see if we can't light a fire on this motherfuckin' rock.

Watch this space.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Connecting With Reality

There's always a core. There's always a beating heart, a centre, the one thing that drives all other things.

Most people waste time playing wack-a-rat with the effects, they sit idly on the surface without exploring the depth. But the depth is the source of the surface, so to ignore is just, well, silly.

Everyone (including me) talks about the problems we face, and the way we try to resolve them. But what is the source?

Is it thought? Is that it? I mean, it has to be, right?

Self is hardwired into thought. We can't help that, that's the way it is. The mind runs on the assumption that a self exists. It's infused into thought, which are autonomous. We can't control that.

Did you read that part, it's important - WE CAN'T CONTROL THOUGHT. THEY HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY. And they assume a self.

This generates fear. It does this as protection for the self, the fear of looking bad, the fear of embarrassment, the fear of annihilation of self. A self that we know doesn't exist.

We can't stop that either.

The generation of fear is a reaction to the autonomous process of thoughts about self. The protection of a self that doesn't exist.


We can fight through it.

People don't want to feel fear. It's scary, and doesn't make them look good. In our society, fear is associated with the weak, and feeble. They hide away from it, because it doesn't make this fictitious self superior to others, and all anyone ever really wants is to look good, and to be right.

So what that leaves us with, is a world of liars. A world of people that aren't honest with themselves about how they feel. A world with superficial values, where salvation is but a new pair of shoes away.

A world where everyone wants to be better than eachother, and everybody wants to have the best moral standpoint.

What we VERY rarely have, is honesty. Especially these days. I've seen genuine war heroes from WWII who will admit they were terrified, and they always struck me as having a real warmth and humility to them. They were open to admit they were scared, BUT, they did what they had to do despite their fear.

This is a key point.

They did what they had to do despite their fear.

Heroes feel fear? Interesting. Hollywood lied to you.

So it's a 3 step process: feel fear, acknowledge fear, do whatever it is you need to in spite of fear. 

Everyone feels it, but it's how honest we are, and how we move on despite fear, that will dictate how in tune with the life that is we are. That's the key. Having the courage to do whatever it is we want to do DESPITE fear.

Fuck fear.

The problem with lying to yourself, and not acknowledging this process is true, is that you're believing the lies, and distancing yourself away from everything that is real, and beautiful.

You break off a separate 'me' from the whole and try to make that better than the rest. You fragment life and make it all about YOU. How things are good for YOU, how right YOU are, how good YOU look.

But reality, life, is different. It works for the good of the whole, not the individual.

This is why disconnecting from reality will always end in negativity. You can't take a chunk of it for yourself and do any good with it.

Life works for all life. Be honest with yourself and connect with it. If we're going to save this place, and all get along, and realize our potential, then it's the only way to live.

Monday, 19 March 2012


There's a huge amount of thoughts flying around my head right now. I wish I had the skill and maturity to slice them up and blog them into efficient little chunks for you all to devour.

But I don't. Get over it.

The big one for me right now is social conditioning. I mean, this to me is just so huge. This is basically the structure of how the machine works isn't it? This is where the power is. How we train and drill the next generation into an autonomous cog that fits into a machine that very few have control of.

But they don't question the machine, because they're in it. They're a cog. I'm a cog, and sorry dear reader, so are you.

It comes down from the top. It comes from TV adverts, magazine adverts, radio adverts, internet fucking pop ups and the like. It comes from Angelina Jolie selling you a perfume, or David Beckham selling you pants. I mean, we are constantly bombarded, told what to buy, told how to be, told what's sexy, told how to feel. We don't make the choices anymore. There is a socially accepted ideal and we all scramble to get there.

The key problems with this ideal being:

A. Not getting there.
B. Getting there.

We fight all our lives for more, more, more, but for the very few that reach the top of the mountain wallow in sight of an empty cliff face. There is no gold at the end of the rainbow.

I'm sorry.

So what is there, I hear you cry. Well, look at it. We have an endless expanse of space with a scatter of matter here and there. All known life is on this same tiny clump of rock called Earth. We're all overgrown naked chimps and think ourselves important, and we each believe our moral ideals are better than the other.

We have a head full of automatic thoughts that we have seemingly very little control over. Some have dark, evil thoughts, and become dark, evil people. Some have happy, positive thoughts and vogue.

We all want more, and secretly, we all want Kim Kardashian. No, really, shut up. You do, I know you do.

We all think we are important. We aren't important. Get over yourself. Nobody knows who you are. You're going to die, and nobody will remember you.

Life is living itself people. Stop breaking it up, taking your little piece and trying to make it better than anyone elses little piece. Life is working for itself. Let it happen. You're fucking up the flow man. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I've been added to so many Facebook groups it's impossible to keep up. Every group - going by their names - is for the purpose of enlightenment, and the deepening of it. That's essentially their purpose.

I can't even bring myself to look through the feed. I honestly can't. All the people do, is quote other people, post shitty pictures, and ask others what they think of 'X'.

Let me remind you that these groups are specifically designed for the purpose of enlightenment, and the deepening of it. But what's really happening here is, they are all basically sustaining eachother in their lies. They don't want enlightenment, they don't want truth, they want a habitat of acceptance for their belief that they want those things.

They want an environment where they are right, and they can feel superior. Even if their belief means being a creature of the universe of whatever, they still believe their beliefs are better than any other belief system. But of course, they'd never admit that. 

They sustain eachother like any other society. No one is willing to speak out for fear of the sake of being exiled, for fear of being heckled by the group. It's a joke. If I were to post in their now my view on what's really going on, i'd get heckled. But they wouldn't actually look at what I was saying, they wouldn't get inside it to check if I was right. Of course not, that would mean maybe they were wrong, and what does that mean to their identity they claim to have transcended?

And the worse part is, they'd all club together me, because they would all sustain eachothers lies. Then when enough people had 'beaten' me, they'd take the moral high ground, and claim themselves the victor.

Then they'd go back to their lies.

Screw it, i'm going to post in a group. I want to get heckled, I want to see if anyone will look...Done.

Unfortunately, it won't make a blind bit of difference. And this is where I am, asking why it won't make a difference. Why do people cling to their beliefs the way a child clings to their mother?

Their identity is wrapped up in their beliefs, it's who they are. You take away their 'spiritual identity' and what are you left with? It's all they have, it's who they think they are. They are 'above' me because their beliefs are better, or wiser, or truer than mine. So they're above me. They win.

But is that as deep as it goes? Why do they do that?

They aren't honest. They lie. The worst part is, they lie to themselves. They tell themselves they are good people. They suppress the dark negativity they have inside, they suppress their humanity and become this pale reflection of a human being. They are working toward enlightenment, and a deeper state of being, but the reality is, they suppress what's real because they're chasing something else.


Because they aren't honest. They read some ancient text, or listen to Buddha, and disregard any kind of reality because it may not fit into the nice little puzzle that their doctrine has laid out for them.

I'm not sure i'll ever get through to them. Really. Maybe life only awakens the ones that go through a mental fucking hell. It awoke me, and countless others this way. Maybe the truth resides in fire and flame.

I'm young, i'll figure it out.

Gateless Gatecrashers

The masters of Liberation Unleashed - Ilona Ciunaite and Elena Nezhinsky - have collected together 21 word for word liberation transcripts and neatly placed them in a beautiful book for you to download. This is a great demonstration of their simple direct pointing technique, and greatly illustrates how easy liberation can be.

Check it out...

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Stable 5

“Most people spend their lives in a walking daze”
-       Tyler Durden

Here’s a great illustration from ‘The Simpsons’…

Bart: Nothing you say can upset us, we're the MTV generation.
Lisa: We feel neither highs nor lows.
Homer: Really, what's it like?
Lisa: (shrugs): Meh...

The first big problem I see, and this really is a big one, is people just live in this grey area of existence I like to call ‘the stable 5’. They don’t really experience a great deal of emotion, never going too high, but more importantly never falling too low. Of course in every principal there are exceptions, but on the whole, this is society.

I think if anything, this is the most fatal condition to live in. It’s fatal because in this daze you don’t question things. And more importantly, you don’t feel any urgency to question anything. You are a robot. You’re told what to do, or at the very least manipulated. You’re told what to buy – ok you have a choice but you are heavily manipulated and your choice is from a limited selection. Your life is essentially dictated to you.

“Go back to bed America, your government has figured out how it all transpires. Go back to bed America, your government is on control again. Here, here’s ‘American Gladiators’, watch this, shut up. Go back to bed America, here’s ‘Amercan Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it. Watch the pictuary retards bang their fucking skulls together, and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go America, you are free to do as we tell you, you are free to do as we tell you.”

-       Bill Hicks

People have been told and taught that they are powerless, that they can't fight the system - that the only way to live life is to do what they're told, what is expected of them. And that becomes very debilitating. It wears people out – because they feel hemmed it and then it's like they have this idea that life is a struggle with no way out. They then look for escape in wherever they can find it, hence the prolific consumption of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, leading to illnesses, diseases, crime, mental disorders etc it really is a downward spiral. So we shut the fuck up, and we do as we’re told.

We are free to do as they tell us.

I studied graphic design at college, ventured into advertising a little. What I found really opened my eyes to how we are bombarded into feeling inadequate unless we buy what we’re told to buy. Essentially material objects control your self esteem. You buy a new pair of shoes and your self esteem goes up, and you feel good. But that feeling doesn’t last, and you need to buy something else to get that hit again.

Hedonism is your religion. You’re addicted to short gain pleasure.

It seems obvious to me now, but only because I studied the methods and realised the psychology behind them. Make people want something to be sexier, more confident, happier, free. Always more. Rule number one of advertising is make the customer believe they need the object being advertised to experience the emotion or live they life they truly want. Make them feel less if they don’t have it. An outsider.

Once I fully understood how this system operates I could no longer be involved.

The problem isn’t necessarily being another cog in this system, it’s the fact you don’t realise you’re just another cog in the system. You’re asleep. You don’t know you’re addicted to getting your next fix because everyone’s addicted to getting their next fix. You’re asleep. Everyone is complicit in the lie, you feed eachother. Everyone wants more, wants to be more, and you’re following the script as you should, like the good little consumer you’ve become.

Jed McKenna puts it like this…

"Where are the people that chose their lives?

... maybe a life of drudgery and carrot-chasing is exactly what we would choose if we did choose, but we don't. That's what it means to be unconscious; to be asleep within the dream. We slip into the lives that are laid out for us the way children slip into the clothes their mother lays out for them in the morning. No one decides. We don't live our lives by choice, but by default. We play the roles we are born to. We don't live our lives, we dispose of them. We throw them away because we don't know any better, and the reason we don't know any better is because we never asked. We never questioned or doubted, never stood up, never drew a line. We never walked up to our parents or our spiritual advisors or our teachers or our gurus or any other formative presences in our early lives and asked one simple, honest, straightforward question, the one question that must be answered before any other question can be asked:

What the hell is going on here?"

You’re a consumer. You’re brainwashed to never really question things – ‘don’t think too much’. It’s social manipulation.

The main problem isn’t even that so much, it’s the fact that you are happy enough to live like that your whole life. It’s not great, but it’s not bad enough to motivate you to do snap out of it. You don’t know how rich in variety life can really be.

You can see it with children globally. Their care free attitude, the naivety of asking simple questions, the joy and vast range of emotions they express. But you also see how they evolve into lifeless, bitter adults. Sit down, shut up, and don’t ask too many questions is societies real religion.

You compromised the richness of what life could be, for a life that is safe, and known. You settled for the stable 5. I think you know this, if you’re just a little bit curious, if you’re just a tiny bit honest you get a little glimpse of what life could be. But there’s a risk there. It’s scary, you’re afraid what’ll happen if you get too honest and take a good look at that. So you close the box and get on with an average life that isn’t bad enough to change.

The main problem is that people will only pay any kind of attention to this problem when the feelings of shittiness get incredibly painful. It doesn’t exist on their radar unless it all but kills them, such is the level of their delusion and identification.
Then if they decide to take a quick peek into their true feelings, it’s a swirling black hole of pain, and they just slam the door again, to find salvation somewhere anywhere but necessary.

Humans are genetically programmed to avoid pain, so it’s not as if it isn’t counter intuitive. It serves a purpose at least.

I was discussing the subject of distraction with a friend recently, and she said this “yes the drive to develop better and faster technology is the drive to distraction.” Interesting angle, and you have to admit the vast array of technologies available to day is head spinning. You can quite comfortably lock yourself away in some kind of basement and play World of Warcraft until you feel a virtual world superhero. All the glory and none of the pain. Press reset and go again, hero.

It’s interesting how people find redemption in anything they can think of. If that gnawing feeling gets too much they’ll just fucking run and hide wherever it doesn’t hurt too much. With this endless selection of modern distractions, you can lose yourself forever. But people would rather run, and drink, or take drugs, or gamble or do anything to take the pain away for a while. People even kill themselves to escape the pain. Is it really that scary where they’d rather kill themselves than just look at what’s causing the pain?

But that leads to the question of whether they feel they can look at it, because that’s a choice. Do people see they have one? Or is the fear overwhelming them so much they just have to end it?

My point is - do they even question it?

If there is identification with a mind that you assume is you, is your identity, and that mind is feeding negative thoughts which in turn lead to dark emotions, then of course you don’t even think to question it do you? You’re too attached to the data the brain feeds you and there’s no space in between thoughts. You think you are the thoughts, and that’s your identity. Thoughts dominate and control, you are a slave of the mind.

You are a slave of the mind.

What generally tends to happen is you’ll create some kind of identity out of that. Be it an angry violent person, a constantly negative person, a victim etc. Whatever the brain feeds you, you’ll play out. It’s not your choice because you don’t feel you have one. The assumption is essentially that there’s something wrong with you, you’re broken, it’s just you, no one understands, you’re alone, you’re ashamed, and it hurts.

So we’re back to the condition I call ‘the stable 5’. Never venturing too far into what’s uncomfortable, which means you’ll never experience the full richness of human emotions. Compromise. I think this is potentially the most dangerous thought paradigm to be stuck in as you’re just a walking shell of a human being. An autonomous device living out the life you’re drip fed by consumerism and society.

The worst part is you have no motivation to escape this thought structure, and you almost certainly don’t know it is even happening to you. I didn’t at the time, it’s only in retrospect I see what was happening. I think if anything, being depressed is a blessing in disguise, as at least you have the motivation to escape it. You’re honest, it’s fucking painful but it’s honest pain.

If you are suicidally depressed, then there is a huge amount of motivation to escape the pain, and you’re going to be desperate to take action. There is a ruthless honesty to feeling so low, you are experiencing a very powerful emotion that drives you to find a way out.

You’re hungry for salvation, and although you may find temporary relief in an infinite array of mediums, you can never just sit, and just be. You have to distract yourself, keep yourself busy. Hide.

This is resonating with you isn’t it?

You can’t judge the way things are, it’s very difficult to get an outside look at what’s going on whilst simultaneously being complicit in it. You’re brought up a certain way, by certain rules, by certain parents and by certain societies. You are society, you’re just another cog, and it’s takes a pretty big jolt for you to step outside of the machine and see how it really works.

But to understand why we don’t venture into this and explore for ourselves, I think we need to delve a little deeper into what motivates us not to.

I think there the two motivators for keeping people in ‘The Stable 5’ are fear and conformity - i'll break these down in later posts.

Monday, 6 February 2012

What's Needed

Where is humanity right now?

That's a fairly broad question, and you could quite comfortably dissect that and analyze every small piece - but as a whole, as a group of naked monkeys on a little green planet - where are we?

Well, we're advancing at an ever increasing rate, technology is evolving at lightning speed. Where we're going to be in 50 years is literally beyond comprehension right now, as every new development becomes inspiration for the next.

Things are faster now than they've ever been, we can communicate instantly from anywhere in the world. We have a vast array of time saving devices, yet everyone seems to be busier than ever. Strange paradox.

Are things getting better or worse?

Well, we have much better medicines and cures than we did 50 years ago, so that's clearly a plus. You could take most pieces of the puzzle and say - as a whole - they are better than before. Things are cleaner, faster, more efficient, brighter, bolder, and wiser.

But what about the people, hows about them there monkeys?

The material world is exploding. People consume more than ever. As the rate of technology grows, so does the means of advertising, so does the means of creating need desire for needless objects. The average human spends a large portion of their day either; on a smartphone, on the internet, watching TV, reading newspapers/magazines, being bombarded in the street with advertising. It's come to dominate our lives.

Life isn't simple anymore, we've made it very complex. There's so much going on, our little chimp brains are overloaded. We're so overloaded it's all we can do to get through the day, to collapse in front of our huge glowing nimbus of bullshit entertainment to recharge and play the same roles we played yesterday.

Very few take a step back and look at how this is all working. Very few are honest enough to see their life is a lie. They're too busy, they're too tired, and honesty is not encouraged.  The phrase 'I think too much' - is frowned upon. Don't question anything, just go with the flow, huh? That's the vogue, that's what society tells you to do.

All this technology, all these 'things', are distracting you, keeping your mind occupied so you don't get bored and - shock horror - really question anything.

Do you notice how a child is full of questions and curiosity. The whole world is a playground and they just want to dance, play, wear crazy clothes and ask impossibly simple questions. Then their parents slowly condition them to shut up, and be quiet, and do what they're told. Not to ask questions, not to wonder, not to be curious. Then they turn into a pale reflection of human life, a grey emotionless field of anxiety and want. The full range of human emotion has been limited to 'not too high, not too low.'

And that's how they stay. Until they die.

They aren't honest enough to ask questions, they don't realize what's happening to them. They are a robotic consumer, living their life in a walking daze.

This all sounds so bleak, and let's face it - it is. But there is a way out, of course there is. It starts with honesty, it starts with seeing things the way they are. The very first step is realizing you're lying to yourself. Everyone is lying to themselves.

Don't be ashamed, we've all done it.

It's interesting how some people don't really make that choice to be honest, as life isn't uncomfortable enough to make the leap. You are asleep, and the you need to wake up. Unfortunately, unless you're half beaten to death by life, you're too entrenched in being a robot to ever do that. Your life isn't great, but more importantly, it's not too bad.

At first it seems that the truly honest people were forced into it by an incredibly uncomfortable inner world. They didn't have a choice, and their illusions were sometimes shattered instantly. Eckhart Tolle comes to mind.

What's needed, is a way to get people to be honest with themselves - ruthlessly honest - without the need to go through hell to get there. We need to create a method for people to be ruthlessly honest whilst still in the walking daze. That's the million dollar idea, that's the Facebook algorithm right there. If I/we can figure that out - a way to be ruthlessly honest without the intense motivation to escape hell - maybe, just maybe we have a chance.

Maybe we should throw an Apple logo on it and charge $699.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Taking A Break..

Where do I start?

People don't give a fuck, they just don't. Look around, everyone's doing their little rat race thing. Comparing, judging, always wanting more, trying to be more. Always more.

I started on the book, but I don't know if i'll continue. I asked myself, even if I were to write the most profound book ever written, would people really care? Would it actually change things? Would people give up their bullshit beliefs and take a quick look to see if the truth really is true?

We all know the answer to that.

I'd post up links in the FB groups and what would I get? Some asshole wasting his fucking life trolling on any thread that'll get a bite. People don't want freedom, it's too hard, and it doesn't make them feel good. They want something else to add to their ego to make them feel more superior. A 'my beliefs are better than your beliefs' type deal.

You want to be better, you want to be right, you want to look good. That's the real human condition right there.

Look at society, how we're drip fed what to like, what to buy, how to think.  Not only are we controlled, we defend the web of lies society has spun, everyone reinforces the structure, and everyone is complicit. Never daring to ask real questions, or find real answers. We're a planet full of robots controlled by a very few. We don't know that we're being controlled. Bill Hicks puts it beautifully...

'You are free to do as we tell you. You are free to do as we tell you.'

Everyone's asleep, but worse, very few want to awaken. And even if they do see through the illusion of self, they don't use it for any real change in the world. I feel most of the time they help others to make themselves feel good, not because they genuinely want to help anyone. 

I feel myself getting distant with people, because I can't stand their falseness, their lack of clarity, the way they live their life in a walking daze. The way they talk to me about needing to buy things, like that'll help. It won't help. You're told it'll help, it'll pump your self esteem for a while, then you'll need to buy something else to inflate it again. The only people that win are the advertisers, and the producers of the products you so blindly buy. But even their greed will eat them up. It's a no-win game.

The wise man doesn't sit atop the mountain to be all wise and meditate and be mysterious or whatever. He sits there to get away from people, from the deluded. I want to get away from people, from the deluded.

I've come to a crux in life where I need to make career choices. Essentially it's a choice between joining the machine, becoming a cog in the great freight train of commerce, or following what I believe to be right and true. We all know what that is, if we're honest.

I don't know what to choose, where will the latter end? Ciaran is a much better philosopher than I am, and much more focused. And he quit, because he realised people just don't care enough.

Is there really a way? I honestly don't think so, not in my lifetime. Hate to say it, but I don't.

I believe that if I wrote the most profound book ever written, it would be but a ripple on the surface of an ocean of delusion. It may be a ripple that turned into a Tsunami, and maybe people would take a real fucking look at things, but it won't make people feel good about themselves, and they don't want anything that makes them feel bad, so it won't hook, and it's a waste of time.

There's no place in this world for an honest man. We idolise the lies, the people we're told to. So many amazing people go unnoticed, go unrewarded, and get written off.

But after all this, I still feel a fraud if I just wander off like so many have before, letting humanity eat itself up, consume itself in its lies. And although I think it's damn near impossible to actually get people, I hesitate to throw in the towel and go live in a cave.

I'm taking a little time out to think things over.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Working On A Book...

Wanted to let my faithful followers and my legions and legions of adorning, underwear throwing female fans that I am currently writing a book. The direction it's taking is a compilation of all the things i've learned thus far in this liberation community, but also through my work with philosophy etc.

There's a huge amount of great material out there, plus some insights of my own. I feel it's time to try and gather together all the key points, putting them together in the clearest possible way to help you understand what this crazy little movement is all about.

Who knows, you might even awaken. Then we can go for a beer or something.

Anyway, i'm not going to say too much because it's early days and I want to see what flows and how it takes shape.

If you have any questions or comments regarding ideas or things you'd like to see in the book then feel free. (I'm not putting naked pictures in there no matter how many times you ask.)

Ever yours,

Monday, 16 January 2012

Face-to-face conference...

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

I had the pleasure of meeting Viv Westbrook and IIona yesterday. We met for coffee, we sat on a couch while we ate, it's conventionally wrong but somehow it worked.  We talked about general life experiences, chit chat etc, but we also talked over plans for a conference in the summer.

A combination of the LU (Liberation Unleashed) and TS (Truth Strike) instructors, whoever can realistically make it. (We have people from all over the world. Thassa is near Miami, if this is successful the next one will be there. I can save the world by day, and party like a god at night. It'll be glorious.)

I imagine the conference will take place somewhere around London/Brighton, but we'll get into that when we gauge the interest.

But before we really put the wheels in motion on this, I wanted to get some feedback on who would be interested in attending. Some people have difficulty expressing over the internet, and a face to face would be more beneficial. Some people may want to come for the experience and to meet like minded people, others will want to come just to see me levitate. (worth the admission fee alone)

We will have to charge for this unfortunately, we have to pay for a venue etc but before we really hammer out details, lets get some feedback of who'll be in. And by 'in' I mean ACTUALLY in, not 'yeah, i'll come'..................'sorry I couldn't make it' type 'in'. Real numbers, and if you don't come i'll personally banish you to the 19th realm.

So yeah, this is a very exciting opportunity for us all. An opportunity to personally meet some very skilled liberators that have a lot of experience guiding a full range of people to liberation. Also an opportunity to deepen if you already are liberated. We are very excited by this, it gives us a great chance to liberate people on a larger scale and over a shorter time period. Double win.

There may even be sandwiches, the mind boggles.

Before we get too excited, let's talk numbers. I'll leave it at that for now, get back me, comment on this blog, comment on facebook, private message me, you know how it works.

Speak soon my pretties.

Yours in excitement,