Monday, 16 January 2012

Face-to-face conference...

Ladies and gentlemen, here it is.

I had the pleasure of meeting Viv Westbrook and IIona yesterday. We met for coffee, we sat on a couch while we ate, it's conventionally wrong but somehow it worked.  We talked about general life experiences, chit chat etc, but we also talked over plans for a conference in the summer.

A combination of the LU (Liberation Unleashed) and TS (Truth Strike) instructors, whoever can realistically make it. (We have people from all over the world. Thassa is near Miami, if this is successful the next one will be there. I can save the world by day, and party like a god at night. It'll be glorious.)

I imagine the conference will take place somewhere around London/Brighton, but we'll get into that when we gauge the interest.

But before we really put the wheels in motion on this, I wanted to get some feedback on who would be interested in attending. Some people have difficulty expressing over the internet, and a face to face would be more beneficial. Some people may want to come for the experience and to meet like minded people, others will want to come just to see me levitate. (worth the admission fee alone)

We will have to charge for this unfortunately, we have to pay for a venue etc but before we really hammer out details, lets get some feedback of who'll be in. And by 'in' I mean ACTUALLY in, not 'yeah, i'll come'..................'sorry I couldn't make it' type 'in'. Real numbers, and if you don't come i'll personally banish you to the 19th realm.

So yeah, this is a very exciting opportunity for us all. An opportunity to personally meet some very skilled liberators that have a lot of experience guiding a full range of people to liberation. Also an opportunity to deepen if you already are liberated. We are very excited by this, it gives us a great chance to liberate people on a larger scale and over a shorter time period. Double win.

There may even be sandwiches, the mind boggles.

Before we get too excited, let's talk numbers. I'll leave it at that for now, get back me, comment on this blog, comment on facebook, private message me, you know how it works.

Speak soon my pretties.

Yours in excitement,


  1. I'd love to see you levitate while clapping with one hand. I'd be there!

  2. Haha, that's level 5 mastery and will cost you £25,000 to achieve.

    (That's a joke. I know 99% of people know that, but the 1% will start some kind of anti-Rikki website calling me a cult leader.)