Monday, 6 February 2012

What's Needed

Where is humanity right now?

That's a fairly broad question, and you could quite comfortably dissect that and analyze every small piece - but as a whole, as a group of naked monkeys on a little green planet - where are we?

Well, we're advancing at an ever increasing rate, technology is evolving at lightning speed. Where we're going to be in 50 years is literally beyond comprehension right now, as every new development becomes inspiration for the next.

Things are faster now than they've ever been, we can communicate instantly from anywhere in the world. We have a vast array of time saving devices, yet everyone seems to be busier than ever. Strange paradox.

Are things getting better or worse?

Well, we have much better medicines and cures than we did 50 years ago, so that's clearly a plus. You could take most pieces of the puzzle and say - as a whole - they are better than before. Things are cleaner, faster, more efficient, brighter, bolder, and wiser.

But what about the people, hows about them there monkeys?

The material world is exploding. People consume more than ever. As the rate of technology grows, so does the means of advertising, so does the means of creating need desire for needless objects. The average human spends a large portion of their day either; on a smartphone, on the internet, watching TV, reading newspapers/magazines, being bombarded in the street with advertising. It's come to dominate our lives.

Life isn't simple anymore, we've made it very complex. There's so much going on, our little chimp brains are overloaded. We're so overloaded it's all we can do to get through the day, to collapse in front of our huge glowing nimbus of bullshit entertainment to recharge and play the same roles we played yesterday.

Very few take a step back and look at how this is all working. Very few are honest enough to see their life is a lie. They're too busy, they're too tired, and honesty is not encouraged.  The phrase 'I think too much' - is frowned upon. Don't question anything, just go with the flow, huh? That's the vogue, that's what society tells you to do.

All this technology, all these 'things', are distracting you, keeping your mind occupied so you don't get bored and - shock horror - really question anything.

Do you notice how a child is full of questions and curiosity. The whole world is a playground and they just want to dance, play, wear crazy clothes and ask impossibly simple questions. Then their parents slowly condition them to shut up, and be quiet, and do what they're told. Not to ask questions, not to wonder, not to be curious. Then they turn into a pale reflection of human life, a grey emotionless field of anxiety and want. The full range of human emotion has been limited to 'not too high, not too low.'

And that's how they stay. Until they die.

They aren't honest enough to ask questions, they don't realize what's happening to them. They are a robotic consumer, living their life in a walking daze.

This all sounds so bleak, and let's face it - it is. But there is a way out, of course there is. It starts with honesty, it starts with seeing things the way they are. The very first step is realizing you're lying to yourself. Everyone is lying to themselves.

Don't be ashamed, we've all done it.

It's interesting how some people don't really make that choice to be honest, as life isn't uncomfortable enough to make the leap. You are asleep, and the you need to wake up. Unfortunately, unless you're half beaten to death by life, you're too entrenched in being a robot to ever do that. Your life isn't great, but more importantly, it's not too bad.

At first it seems that the truly honest people were forced into it by an incredibly uncomfortable inner world. They didn't have a choice, and their illusions were sometimes shattered instantly. Eckhart Tolle comes to mind.

What's needed, is a way to get people to be honest with themselves - ruthlessly honest - without the need to go through hell to get there. We need to create a method for people to be ruthlessly honest whilst still in the walking daze. That's the million dollar idea, that's the Facebook algorithm right there. If I/we can figure that out - a way to be ruthlessly honest without the intense motivation to escape hell - maybe, just maybe we have a chance.

Maybe we should throw an Apple logo on it and charge $699.

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