Wednesday, 8 February 2012


I've been added to so many Facebook groups it's impossible to keep up. Every group - going by their names - is for the purpose of enlightenment, and the deepening of it. That's essentially their purpose.

I can't even bring myself to look through the feed. I honestly can't. All the people do, is quote other people, post shitty pictures, and ask others what they think of 'X'.

Let me remind you that these groups are specifically designed for the purpose of enlightenment, and the deepening of it. But what's really happening here is, they are all basically sustaining eachother in their lies. They don't want enlightenment, they don't want truth, they want a habitat of acceptance for their belief that they want those things.

They want an environment where they are right, and they can feel superior. Even if their belief means being a creature of the universe of whatever, they still believe their beliefs are better than any other belief system. But of course, they'd never admit that. 

They sustain eachother like any other society. No one is willing to speak out for fear of the sake of being exiled, for fear of being heckled by the group. It's a joke. If I were to post in their now my view on what's really going on, i'd get heckled. But they wouldn't actually look at what I was saying, they wouldn't get inside it to check if I was right. Of course not, that would mean maybe they were wrong, and what does that mean to their identity they claim to have transcended?

And the worse part is, they'd all club together me, because they would all sustain eachothers lies. Then when enough people had 'beaten' me, they'd take the moral high ground, and claim themselves the victor.

Then they'd go back to their lies.

Screw it, i'm going to post in a group. I want to get heckled, I want to see if anyone will look...Done.

Unfortunately, it won't make a blind bit of difference. And this is where I am, asking why it won't make a difference. Why do people cling to their beliefs the way a child clings to their mother?

Their identity is wrapped up in their beliefs, it's who they are. You take away their 'spiritual identity' and what are you left with? It's all they have, it's who they think they are. They are 'above' me because their beliefs are better, or wiser, or truer than mine. So they're above me. They win.

But is that as deep as it goes? Why do they do that?

They aren't honest. They lie. The worst part is, they lie to themselves. They tell themselves they are good people. They suppress the dark negativity they have inside, they suppress their humanity and become this pale reflection of a human being. They are working toward enlightenment, and a deeper state of being, but the reality is, they suppress what's real because they're chasing something else.


Because they aren't honest. They read some ancient text, or listen to Buddha, and disregard any kind of reality because it may not fit into the nice little puzzle that their doctrine has laid out for them.

I'm not sure i'll ever get through to them. Really. Maybe life only awakens the ones that go through a mental fucking hell. It awoke me, and countless others this way. Maybe the truth resides in fire and flame.

I'm young, i'll figure it out.


  1. Nah hell isn't necessary - I was actually at sort of a peak when I saw no-self.

    Maybe the difference was that I had very little experience in the "spiritual scene", and saw RT as credible a source than any (probably for no reason other than they sounded too confident).

    But what made it easy to look was just figuring out how to do the whole honesty thing without letting my expectations get in the way.

    No burning stick behind me, very little carrot, more like I was just testing it because I was bored and slightly curious.

    I know the delusion looks massive from the outside, but it can't be if it's THAT simple to break.

    A slight curiosity is all that's needed - what makes people genuinely curious, is the question.

  2. I think coming into this open and curious is the best way, the problem comes when people aren't so open or curious. When they come at this with fixed beliefs and argue the point without looking.

    Then the people who are stuck in that 'stable 5' I posted about before. That's the vast majority of people, how do you break those out, the ones that are essentially robots?

    Didn't you know of Ciaran anyway from RSD? Because i've read his old blog and it's pretty cool stuff, I think i'd have at least been curious if he'd have started a new website too.

  3. Nah I didn't really know Ciaran, though everyone on RSD spamming "OMFG CIARAN IS ENLIGHTEN!!!!" might've sparked my interest.

    For the stable 5, well, I'm trying to work on that right now. How to get them curious...

    I'm thinking back to basics - harpoon then lance, what C was doing with the rage thing. Just without the rage. I'll tell you if I find a good way to do it.

  4. I don't know if you are familiar with these, but here's some other stuff by Ciaran. I love reading what that guy writes.

    The following I haven't read yet as it's pretty fucking long (20,000 words or so), but it looks interesting.

    I've been reading everything from his earliest writings, trying to reverse-engineer how a man came to be able to do what he does so that I'd learn a lesson or two that will bring me closer to the Nimbus. The honesty of that guy, even when he was at his weakest moments, is simply stunning.

  5. Strong feelings about spreading truth exist, but what I see is that people became as preachers, writing directly after day one as awakened. By use of predesigned blog designs with similar blog rolls. Why the need to spread truth? The ripe apples will fall off, in daily life you will meet people who will come to you instead of the way around. Nowadays it seems all is about the form and how to bring up the most bright pointers. When I read most groups, forums, websites, I somehow sense unrest, turbulence in which the writers or awoken one’s are stumbling to take effort as like writing on water. It is such a competition and group thing. I wonder if people not forget just simple to enjoy life. We are so addicted and accustomed to read of the display of our PC’s, notebooks, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Nowadays people do not walk upright but staring at their mobile’s and clash against lampposts or lozenges. It is funny to just walk at street and observe these fixations. The average attention span of people having dinner in restaurants without checking their mobile devices or tweeting or whatever is amazing short. People forget to use their biggest computer on their shoulders, the brain box, I wonder when some app is replacing that and what will happen during a power outage.
    We are reading blogs, using all types of Social Media and more to ‘discuss’ in groups about our concepts of truths or freedom or whatever. The use of internet is not a benefit or replacement in a search for truth. It is so overrated. I know yes, for some people who are not able to visit due to disease, or other restrictions it is not so easy to visit anyone, and for them the use of internet is very important. A meeting real live has much more reality/reflection, then only reading and thinking and explaining oneself by use of Internet as in some virtual reality trying to write the best non conceptual pointers. Seeking realisation or liberation, enlightenment, truth, by use of the internet and social media seems more some contest about knowledge or how to become the best debater, a bit de-humanized.

  6. Stare Deeply - Thanks for the links, I have read some of his earlier stuff and yeah I agree, great stuff.

    What Ciaran does is not magic, but a ruthless honesty. Check out this link as to how Ciaran himself says he does it:

  7. Menno - Yeah man, I was talking to a friend recently and she said technology (for the most part) is just a way to keep us distracted, asleep and never open to ask real questions.

    People distract themselves so they don't have to be honest about how they feel. People don't sit quietly on their own anymore, they ALWAYS need to be distracted with something, to be playing something, reading, watching, talking.

    Never stopping.

    This is touched on in 'The Stable 5' but I think it could also be a blog piece in its own right.

    Thanks for posting

  8. Hi Rikki, thanks for your reply, that Stable 5, where can i find that?