Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Connecting With Reality

There's always a core. There's always a beating heart, a centre, the one thing that drives all other things.

Most people waste time playing wack-a-rat with the effects, they sit idly on the surface without exploring the depth. But the depth is the source of the surface, so to ignore is just, well, silly.

Everyone (including me) talks about the problems we face, and the way we try to resolve them. But what is the source?

Is it thought? Is that it? I mean, it has to be, right?

Self is hardwired into thought. We can't help that, that's the way it is. The mind runs on the assumption that a self exists. It's infused into thought, which are autonomous. We can't control that.

Did you read that part, it's important - WE CAN'T CONTROL THOUGHT. THEY HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY. And they assume a self.

This generates fear. It does this as protection for the self, the fear of looking bad, the fear of embarrassment, the fear of annihilation of self. A self that we know doesn't exist.

We can't stop that either.

The generation of fear is a reaction to the autonomous process of thoughts about self. The protection of a self that doesn't exist.


We can fight through it.

People don't want to feel fear. It's scary, and doesn't make them look good. In our society, fear is associated with the weak, and feeble. They hide away from it, because it doesn't make this fictitious self superior to others, and all anyone ever really wants is to look good, and to be right.

So what that leaves us with, is a world of liars. A world of people that aren't honest with themselves about how they feel. A world with superficial values, where salvation is but a new pair of shoes away.

A world where everyone wants to be better than eachother, and everybody wants to have the best moral standpoint.

What we VERY rarely have, is honesty. Especially these days. I've seen genuine war heroes from WWII who will admit they were terrified, and they always struck me as having a real warmth and humility to them. They were open to admit they were scared, BUT, they did what they had to do despite their fear.

This is a key point.

They did what they had to do despite their fear.

Heroes feel fear? Interesting. Hollywood lied to you.

So it's a 3 step process: feel fear, acknowledge fear, do whatever it is you need to in spite of fear. 

Everyone feels it, but it's how honest we are, and how we move on despite fear, that will dictate how in tune with the life that is we are. That's the key. Having the courage to do whatever it is we want to do DESPITE fear.

Fuck fear.

The problem with lying to yourself, and not acknowledging this process is true, is that you're believing the lies, and distancing yourself away from everything that is real, and beautiful.

You break off a separate 'me' from the whole and try to make that better than the rest. You fragment life and make it all about YOU. How things are good for YOU, how right YOU are, how good YOU look.

But reality, life, is different. It works for the good of the whole, not the individual.

This is why disconnecting from reality will always end in negativity. You can't take a chunk of it for yourself and do any good with it.

Life works for all life. Be honest with yourself and connect with it. If we're going to save this place, and all get along, and realize our potential, then it's the only way to live.

Monday, 19 March 2012


There's a huge amount of thoughts flying around my head right now. I wish I had the skill and maturity to slice them up and blog them into efficient little chunks for you all to devour.

But I don't. Get over it.

The big one for me right now is social conditioning. I mean, this to me is just so huge. This is basically the structure of how the machine works isn't it? This is where the power is. How we train and drill the next generation into an autonomous cog that fits into a machine that very few have control of.

But they don't question the machine, because they're in it. They're a cog. I'm a cog, and sorry dear reader, so are you.

It comes down from the top. It comes from TV adverts, magazine adverts, radio adverts, internet fucking pop ups and the like. It comes from Angelina Jolie selling you a perfume, or David Beckham selling you pants. I mean, we are constantly bombarded, told what to buy, told how to be, told what's sexy, told how to feel. We don't make the choices anymore. There is a socially accepted ideal and we all scramble to get there.

The key problems with this ideal being:

A. Not getting there.
B. Getting there.

We fight all our lives for more, more, more, but for the very few that reach the top of the mountain wallow in sight of an empty cliff face. There is no gold at the end of the rainbow.

I'm sorry.

So what is there, I hear you cry. Well, look at it. We have an endless expanse of space with a scatter of matter here and there. All known life is on this same tiny clump of rock called Earth. We're all overgrown naked chimps and think ourselves important, and we each believe our moral ideals are better than the other.

We have a head full of automatic thoughts that we have seemingly very little control over. Some have dark, evil thoughts, and become dark, evil people. Some have happy, positive thoughts and vogue.

We all want more, and secretly, we all want Kim Kardashian. No, really, shut up. You do, I know you do.

We all think we are important. We aren't important. Get over yourself. Nobody knows who you are. You're going to die, and nobody will remember you.

Life is living itself people. Stop breaking it up, taking your little piece and trying to make it better than anyone elses little piece. Life is working for itself. Let it happen. You're fucking up the flow man.