Sunday, 28 October 2012

Life lives Itself

So I just watched this video,  the simplicity of it really hit me. How all so beautifully simple it really is.

It just could not be more simple.

Everything is one. One flow. Reality. Everything exists in reality. There is no separation, EVERYTHING in reality. What happens is the mind really complicates things, the illusion of separation. You take thoughts as truth, YOUR opinion, YOUR standpoint. The biggest lie is the one that thinks there is a separate you. There isn't. There can't possibly be. Everything is one.

Life is living itself. No you to control anything. It's all an illusion. Crazy huh?

Your whole life, the struggles, the times you defended yourself, embarrassed yourself, humiliated yourself, were proud of yourself. WHAT SELF? There isn't one. anywhere, ever.

So your whole life has been in service of a lie, and reality has been unaffected. The full glory, the potential, the infinite love and passion that were there all along, untapped because you were fighting phantoms, chasing shadows, and working for a you that doesn't exist.

How annoying, right? I know, I did it too. Everyone is doing it, but YOU are reading this, now. You have a chance, a way out. You can see this pattern, break the identification and live in reality. You could do that, right now, if you were really honest.

And that's all you need to crack this, honesty. That's the key, just that. All this is true, but it isn't true because I said it, reality doesn't care what you or I think of it. It just is. So you either see what is REAL,  the truth of the situation, or your turn away to live a life of cowardice and vanity.

Because it's not even like you 'win'. If you turn your head, ignore this, run away, reality doesn't even care. It's still true, it's still reality. You just can't see it. You're too busy reading some shitty magazine or watching some shitty soap. Anything to feed the drama, to give you some feeling in your grey existence.

But you're missing out. Not even on some shiny idea, but on truth, on reality. And everything that entails. Living.

Life is living itself, the full force, the depths of reality you will never see unless you muster the honesty to see this. You really are missing out, all to live in service of a LIE.

Is it even worth it? Do you even feel fulfilled? Is ego driven vanity working out for you? If it is, cool, well done. But it isn't, is it? It gnaws at you, in your quiet moments, in moments of despair, when you allow just a atom of honesty, you know you're building castles in the sky. A monument to nothing. Nothing at all.

When you start tapping this flow, the flow of reality, you unlock your potential. Because life works for all life, it works for the whole. It's beautiful. Endless depths of love, of truth, of passion. Exploring life, living life as a human could. A life of truth and human brilliance.

And don't thing, 'yes Rikki, this is correct. I agree..', no. I don't want you to agree, don't stop there. Agreeing won't help you. This isn't 'right' or 'wrong', this is what IS. Truth. Is this real?  You must look, and see this for yourself. Recognise the pattern. Only then can you start tapping this flow.

ONLY then.

It's sickening, what you could be. And what you give it all up for.

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