Sunday, 14 October 2012

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Hello everyone, and welcome to 'The Obvious Elusive'. I'm glad you made it.

It's tough out there right? 7 billion lies all competing for attention, the ego in full glory, greed, suffering, the list goes on and on. But hey, you made it here, you are one of the ones aware enough to see the madness and look for a way off the treadmill. That's awesome, me too!

This blog is about uncovering truth, connecting with life without the illusionary self coming in between. See, in reality there is no 'you'. No 'I' separate from the whole. There is life living itself, and the illusion of you. This illusion is a subtle thing, but it is all consuming. It has endless desires, needs, wants, fears, insecurities, weaknesses, masks, opinions etc, but that isn't who YOU are, it's (to coin Gary Weber) the 'selfing network'.

This makes life a constant struggle, a constant need for ego gratification. But it's never quite enough is it? You never quite get 'there' do you? Maybe that's why you're here.

The good news is that you are aware of that, and you are looking for change. That's great, it's about time we straightened ourselves out huh? So how do we do that? Well, if you pay attention to the constant stream of thoughts, you'll quickly realise that 99.9% of them are about YOU. Maybe not directly, sometimes as subtle as YOUR opinion, or YOUR desire, someone has a negative opinion of YOU.

The way to step of this endless treadmill is to deconstruct the 'I'. A lot of people spend their lives trying to put out certain fires, like desire, or insecurity, but at the very core of all of these things is the 'I'. When you see THAT as the illusion, these things begin to fall away. The 'I' is the centre on which all other fictitious things turn, when you SEE that (SEE, NOT agree) then all these negative things fall away.

There is no one there to be insecure, or to crave or have a self image, so you kill it from the core.

Which is cool.

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Much love.

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  1. The whole self is a just a big thought network. There is no you, all these is a trillions of synapses in the brain, a hardwired version of a you that is believed to be you.

    The only way to reinforce it is to let it play, let it going on being. Then the neural pathways get stronger and stronger. Living life on autopilot, a constant stream of thought. Always about you, how YOU see things, what YOU want, what YOU think, how YOU feel, how YOU would like things to be.

    You, you, always YOU.

    Self referential thought. The source if all these thoughts is that a self exists to believe them. When no self exists, and can be seen to exists, then where would all these thoughts come from?

    They only exist to serve you, and there isn't one, so you're really living life through a filter of falseness, never seeing the truth, never seeing what's real. When you are stuck in this cycle it is, and always will be about a you that doesn't exist.