Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What Is Freedom If You Don't Use It?

There really are two kinds of freedom.

The more I look around, into the spiritual work of the masters of yerteryear I can see that. What most people think of as enlightenment or liberation is the end of suffering, or at least self created suffering. A deep sense of tranquility, serenity, peace, and maybe even the ability to shoot lasers from your eyes.

But, when we truly see no self, we stare into the void, the void in which we BELIEVED a self to be, and all we see is space, well, all it really does is take the edge of all the self created shit we had before. Nothing can bother you in the way it did before, you quickly gain perspective and a greater sense of clarity of things. 

Which, don't get me wrong, is cool. A certain kind of freedom, freedom from suffering. Freedom from all the shit you had going on before. 

And for some that's enough, ya'know. They just bliss out,  the Zen master that kind of fucks off to his cave, rings his little bell, rakes his little sand garden and was pestered by gap year students the rest of his life. 

But that's only freedom from something, it's only half the deal.

How about all the good stuff?

How about freedom to connect with the life that is on the deepest level?

How about REAL passion, REAL love, REAL creativity?

How about living a life of REAL purpose, with REAL colour and vibrance, as a runaway locomotive of the life and passion that burns to be free, to fully express human potential, human genius, all the things you can sometimes sense you are capable of. And in your honest, quiet moments - the life that screams to be free.

I've heard it said somewhere before, that not using liberation to it's full potential is like the slave of the deep south. He's finally free of the chains that bind him but he just goes back to picking cotton and kind of delights in the fact he's free when others aren't. Never living the full potential of his freedom.

I can finally see this, I can finally see why, and how, and how to tap it. It's early days, my muscles of true honesty into using this are weak, but i'm tapping the flow.

Exciting times abound.

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