Sunday, 11 November 2012

We've Been Looking At It All Wrong

Wow. So i've been researching this no self topic for the last little while, and it seems it's a much bigger movement than I even knew about. I happened to come across Gary Weber, and his work has really blown me away. Blending ancient teachings with cutting edge technology to really 'prove' what's going on. Incredible, really.

The way in which I thought of no self before was that you see no you exists, in any way. It just doesn't. That's a great start but not the whole race. The interesting thing is what happens after that. You think this is a one shot deal and you're 'done' for life? Nope. Sorry.

I think that's a big misconception about enlightenment. And the argument still exists over whether it can be deepened. From researching the work of Gary, and his colleagues, i've come to learn (and apply) his work. What happens is this.

The brain literally has a hardwired version of 'you'. All the neurons, all the connections have been built so 'you' exist. We are talking trillions of connections here, physical connections in the brain of a 'you' that is believed to exist. But as we can see when we actually look for you, is that you don't. Hmm. I think what most people expect is that you suddenly 'pop' and BAM you're a wise old sage sitting in a cave with loads of gap year backpackers bugging you for wisdom. But the reality is that all of these brain synapses are still active. 'The Selfing Network' is still alive.

What this then causes is a constant stream of thoughts about a you that we can see doesn't exist. It's like the brain is running on autopilot, still running the 'you' software. Interesting.

One prominent person in a previous movement states that this constant stream of thoughts is automatic and CAN'T be stopped. Gary Weber says it can, and is living life for the most part without thoughts.

How, I hear you cry.

Well if you really examine this constant stream of thought, you will see (very quickly) that they are all self referential. Ie, they are ALL about YOU. So to stop these thoughts, you get to the source.

Mr Weber has the MRI scans of meditators brains. It is LITERALLY posible to rewire it, give it enough data and it will reconfigure. See the brain loves stillness, it's like it's natural state before all the fictitious self crap clogged it up. It's almost like your brain is like a computer, running tons of useless programs, redundant thought streams and a couple viruses.

All these are just getting in the way to connecting with life and living from stillness. The thoughts are 'taking up the bandwidth' to quote Mr Weber.

It IS possible to live without self referential thoughts, you need to rewire your brain. It IS possible to live from stillness and connect to life in a real and ever increasing place of power.

This will be my practise for the next while, in fact i've already startes and feel incredible stillness at times. I can sense this is only the beginning however, and seeing no self exists is a great place to start as you can really get a perspective on the self referential thoughts that stand between  you and life.

It's all very exciting if you ask me.


  1. Got any concretes for that? Like how would you go about doing this. Also links to some of this gys resources would be great. Cool post as usual Rikki

  2. Gary has a book out called 'Happiness Beyond Thought: A Practical Guide To Awakening", and also a blog which is very useful and has links to the neuroscience work:

    Enjoy brother.

  3. Conceptually the challenge is still there as the approach is usually to enter via the front door instead of the through the basement. The front door has light and comfort..The entrance to the attic is way to dark and dingy.

    It has never been about slowing your thinking or stilling the perpetual process. Nothing is wrong with thinking in itself. It is the oblivious assumption that we are doing the thinking. That relationship was there and evolved post a process which developed from conscious form (our infancy) to subjective awareness ( the birth of a subject-object relationship). Thinking, conceptualizing began to form as my thinking, my conceptualizing in order to confirm a literal link where linear time was manufactured by the mind. If we look deeply at what is running the show, one finds that slowing down the process of thought was like dealing with a symptom and never the cause. The thinking process is not the motor, its the fuel that never burns out

    It's obvious that most claiming enlightenment or liberation are simply experiencing insights into awareness which is still dual as it must have the ability to become aware of something. Awareness for the sake of awareness can know that state but for a few moments. Yet not even seconds, before it must find a goal again in the form of objectivity. Awareness totally recognizing that it is aware (self aware) and which finds itself as primary as opposed to a newly observed mechanism or process of existence, is what is known as liberation. Here then there is no effort to relinquish or give up the ego,,or strip it away. That collapse happens of its own accord. That's the precipice where a collapse of absence follows an unobstructed and clear view that ultimately results in a shift seen by no one.