Thursday, 3 October 2013

Deeper, deeper, deeper

A lot of people have seen the illusion of 'I'. When they directly look, they cannot locate a singular place where 'self' is located. That's really great because there isn't one, so good start.

That isn't the final step, this process isn't a once and done deal. We have trillions of neural connections in the brain that physically create this illusion of 'I'. We have believed for thousands of years in this separate individual identity. We simply cannot just see through it and the whole house of cards collapses. The brain can't re-pattern that quickly, which is a good thing because you could just as easily re-code some very destructive behaviours. Imagine watching a horror film with this system in action, you'd instantly become terrified of everything. A walking nightmare.

This is why you may see through the illusion, but notice you don't feel as peaceful as you expected. You still feel stressed and anxious or worried about certain events. Little things still tick you off, and you may wonder why.

The 'I' is still active in 'your' brain, and 'your' life.

The reason is because you have this whole neural network still alive and kicking in the background. It takes effort, and perserverance to slowly begin to re-code the brain and shut down this network. The Default Mode Network as Gary Weber calls it. The more and more you let go of attachments, the more you reduce this sense of self, you begin to flow in alignment with life, and it may take you places you never could have imagined with the very limited computing power of the 'I'.

Life works in beautiful ways, if you let it.